Trouble Connecting to iTunes Store on Your iPhone/iPad? Use These Quick Fixes

// January 23, 2016
Trouble Connecting to iTunes Store on Your iPhoneiPad

Your iPhone/iPad is not connecting to iTunes or App Store? Well, then it is certainly time for a quick fix. Most commonly, the iTunes Store error shows up when you attempt to open iTunes due to maintenance issues or trying to access the App store when it is being updated. So, to solve the problem, the first step you need to take is to disable or enable iTunes parental controls. This method generally works well for most iOS users.

Step 1: A very effective way of fixing the problem and getting in tune with the phone’s iPad/iPhone’s rhythm by checking your internet connectivity.

Step 2: Another surefire method to cope with the problem is restarting the network or switching off Wi-Fi 3G.If there is a weak Wi-Fi signal, the chances of not connecting to the iTunes store will strengthen. Switching off your network and restarting it is the perfect way to get around this. Switch to 3G, exit App store and open it again.

Trouble Connecting to iTunes Store on Your iPhoneiPad


Step 3: If this does not work, try switching to Wi-Fi and check out if this abates the issue. A quick way to solve the problem is through data change workaround. This simple method works out a complex solution for the problem. Setting the date and time and exiting iTunes and re-opening it will definitely do the trick.

Step 4: Another reason why the iPhone or iPad is not connecting to the iTunes store is because your version of Mac OS X may be running or requiring a software update. iTunes and Safari need to be updated to the latest version or you will face the music when you try to connect with the iTunes store. Troubleshoot firewall issues on your Mac if you feel this could be a possible reason for the issue. Configure your firewall and sort out connection issues arising from keychain problems by resetting the keychain.

Trouble Connecting to iTunes Store on Your iPhoneiPad

Step 5: If all else fails, contact your ISP pronto and check the ports and servers on your network. Host files could also be blocking the iTunes store so you need to create a copy of the file and re-place it with an empty host file. Then, just restart your computer and try to connect to the iTunes store. Rebooting can also solve the problem sometimes.

Apple’s data center works really well but high volume or internet problems can make it difficult to connect to the iTunes store. Contact customer support if the problem worsens. Problem with your iPhone or iPad touch may also be leading problems and this can be exacerbated by incorrect date and time settings as well as obsolete software. So, check your time and date settings and update your device to the newest iOS 9.3 to ensure you are in sync with iTunes store.

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