Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks on iPhone

// April 9, 2016

jailbreak tweaks

Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks on iPhone

  1. Multify

Multify is a new tweak that brings the true power of multitasking in iOS. It is geared towards multitasking with multiple apps on your screen all at once. Once you launch Multify, a + icon will appear and you can tap all the apps that you wish to use.

  1. WhatsApp Call Enabler

If you are a WhatsApp user and jailbroken you can now get WhatsApp’s new voice calling feature on your device. Simply download the WhatsApp beta from Cydia, add this to your Cydia sources: , and install the WhatsApp Call Enabler. The go to Settings and enable it. That’s pretty simple.

  1. Barrel

This is a unique tweak and very popular in Cydia that gives amazing transition effects on your home screen. There are hundreds of animation effects that can be applied on your home screen, so why do not you give this a try?

  1. ForceReach

This lets you reach the top of your screen without any troubles. By simply tapping on the TouchID twice, the screen comes down automatically. This eliminates the timeout especially for big screens like iPhone6 and 6+.

  1. Winterboard

This is one of the most amazing tweaks for iPhones and also works on iPads. Winterboard allows you to make customizations on the appearance of your screen through different themes and animations. You have many options to customize your backgrounds, icons, docks, and more.

  1. NoSlowAnimation

This amazing tweak lets you feel the cool flow of water on your screen. It lets you speed up and change transition effects and animations. After downloading this tweak, you can have fun zooming in and zooming out smoothly.

  1. OneHandWizard

This tweak works best on larger iPhones such as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus because it allows you to reach the full interface of your screen in a scaled down size. This means that you are able to reach all parts of your screen, every corner and all apps. You can also switch to right-hand mode or left hand mode by swiping on the black area of the interface.

  1. SaveGram

This tweak allows you to save all your images and video on the news feed of Instagram. Because there is no way to save the images and videos from Instagram except screen shots and cropping method, SaveGram makes saving videos and photos easier by simply tapping on the image you wish to save and click on save button.

jailbreak tweaks

  1. Activator

This is one of the best amazing tweaks that allow you to customize shortcuts for almost everything. You have a lot of options to open your apps and settings. You can as well open your apps with any kind of gesture on your home screen.

  1. RecordPause

This tweak allows you to pause and resume video recording in stock Camera app. Now you can record and pause videos right within stock iOS camera by simply installing RecordPause. Just open Camera app and switch to video mode so you can start shooting.


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