How to Make iPhone 6 Battery Life Last Longer

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// February 11, 2016
How to Make iPhone iPod Battery Life Longer

Those who have used the iPhone 6 for even a few days can find out that when phones are more powerful, more fun filled and any other cell or smartphone with these innovative models come at a price. Intensive iPhone 6 users will recharge phones every couple of days. There are many ways to conserve battery life and the difference is between cooling down the iPhone 6 or instilling life into it. iPhone 6 power includes new tips for draining the battery quicker than previous iOS versions.

Step 1: Preventing Background App Refresh


How to Make iPhone iPod Battery Life LongerThere are numerous features designed to ensure the iPhone 6 smarter and accurate for use whenever required. There is also a Background App Refresh. This feature checks the apps that are often used during the time of the day and automatically updates them so that the next time the app is opened, the latest data is present for you. Useful features such as these often drain the battery. For turning this off, tap the Settings app and use General as well as Background App Refresh. Either disable features completely or just for specific apps that one wants to use with them.

Step 2: Automatically Update Apps

Those that attain iOS 7 higher or more can forget needing updates by hand. A feature that automatically updates when new versions are released, cause the drain on the battery and only update apps when required to manage power better. To update apps when one wants to, you must manage your power more effectively. You need to tap the Settings app and check out iTunes and App Store. Within the Automatic Downloads section, locate the updates. Then the slider can be moved to off/white.

Step 3: Don’t Accept Suggestions

The suggested apps introduced in iOS 8, that use the location information to find out where you are, what one is near and apps installed on the phone and available on the App store. Extra battery life through checking for the location, communicating with the App Store and so on. You need to tap the Settings App and then tap General as well as Handoff and Suggested Apps as well as moving the My Apps and App Stores sliders to off.

Step 4: The Content Blockers in Safari

A key feature introduced in iOS 9 is the ability for blocking and advertising and tracking cookies within the Safari. This can affect battery life and one may be asking, that technologies used by the ad networks to serve up, track and display ads can utilize battery life. The battery life may not be huge and blend the boost in battery life with a browser that operates faster and uses less data and is worth obtaining information about.

Step 5: Turn on the Auto-Brightness

How to Make iPhone iPod Battery Life Longer

The iPhone 6 has an ambient light sensor adjusting brightness of the screen in association with the light around it to save battery and ensure ease of seeing. You can also turn on auto-brightness and save energy as the screen will use less power with dark places. The settings can be adjusted by tapping the Settings app and Display as well as Brightness called Brightness and Wallpaper in iOS 7. The Auto Brightness slider can be moved on to on/green.

Step 6: Reduce Screen Brightness

The brighter the default setting for the screen, more power is needed. The screen is kept dimmer to conserve more of the battery through tapping. Tap the Settings App and after moving the Display and Brightness in the iOS 7 and as the slider as required.

Step 7: Stop Motion and Animations

Check the Settings app, General and Accessibility and Reduce Motion and move the slider to green/on. This will lower motions and animations.

Step 8: Check to Keep Wi-Fi Off

The other type of top speed network is that iPhone 6 can connect to the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is faster than 3G and 4G though it is only available when there is a hotspot, not virtually like 3G and 4G. Keeping the Wi-Fi turned off through tapping and the Settings App as well as Wi-Fi, Slide to the off/white. TO access the setting, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap Wi-Fi icon and gray it out.

Step 9: Ensure that the Personal Hotspot is Off


How to Make iPhone iPod Battery Life LongerThis apples if one uses the iPhone’s personal hotspot feature to share the wireless data connection with other devices, the tip is the key. Personal Hotspot turn the iPhone into the wireless hotspot that broadcasts cellular data for other devices within the range. This is a useful feature and it also drains the battery. There is acceptable trade when using it and forget to turn it off when it is done, one can be surprised how quickly the battery drains. To ensure longer battery life, one can turn off the Personal Hotspot when one is done using it. Tap the Settings app and Personal Hotspot as well as moving the slider to off/white.

Step 10: Locate the Battery Destroyers

Most of the suggestions on this list are regarding turning things off or not completing certain things. One can discover which apps are killing your battery, in iOS 8 and up and the feature is called Battery Usage that shows those apps that have been sucking most of the power over the previous 24 hours and the previous 7 days. Those seeing the app show up consistently, know that running the app is costing the battery life. Access battery usage by tapping the settings, as well as battery. Within the screen, notes can be seen beneath each item. Notes can be eliminated between each screen on the computer to preserve battery life.

Step 11: Update to latest iOS

Updating to the latest iOS 9.2.1 can give better performance and better overall speed. So updating to the latest stable iOS version is always a good thing. iOS 9.2 will save you more battery power compare to iOS 8.0.

Increasing battery life is a simple matter of locating battery killers and eliminating them. Battery killers are perfect for drawing across battery life. Battery life is ideal for those who want long lasting iPhones or iPods.

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