Tips for Changing Country/Region in iPhone or iPad

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// December 14, 2015
Tips for Changing Country/Region in iPhone or iPad

If you want to change the country/region association with an Apple ID and within the iTunes or App store, it’s a simple matter. Country association permits access for apps or contents that are region or country specific. This particular tool offered by Apple is used by global tourists and expatriates to get access to country/region specific information. Switching to another country or region is useful for those p who are viewing, purchasing or downloading items on another country. Switching is easy but a few standard rules must also be followed.

#1: The first important point to remember is that adjusting the association of a particular country or region with iTunes will also do the same for the App store. Similarly, changing the country or region in the App store will cause a modification with respect to iTunes as well. This includes Mac, iPhone, iPad or whichever Apple device you are logged in with.

Tips for Changing Country/Region in iPhone or iPad

#2: Any iPhone, iPad or iPod has settings where you can access iTunes and App Stores. You need to tap on the Apple ID and enter the linked password. Then, you must select the country or region to associate the account with. Choose the new country or region in this step.

#3 Changing and updating your billing information so that it matches the appropriate address in the new country is vital. Otherwise, you will not be able to purchase products from the App Store of the country in question. You can also switch countries within iTunes accounts that have been established without a credit card.

#4 Changing countries for iTunes on Mac OS X involves selecting the new country after accessing the Apple ID summary. Again, the billing information must be changed to reflect the address in the new country.
Certain apps will also not be able to get updated if they are available on the App store of one country and not another. To solve this problem, you need to change the country back to the original country linked with the download or sale.

Tips for Changing Country/Region in iPhone or iPad

#5 One final point to remember is that if there is account balance remaining within your iTunes, you will not be able to make the switch to another country/region. You will get a message asking you to spend your balance before changing stores. This is applicable only for those with active subscriptions match to iTunes.

While changing the country or region in iPhone/iPad, following these elementary precautions will ensure that you remain in sync with the rhythm and in tune with iTunes.

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