Air Sharing 2.8 Universal App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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// October 9, 2011

The new Universal Air Sharing 2.8 app by Avatron Software has been launched today for the Apple iOS platform. Avatron Software is a prominent developer of iOS productivity apps, and this new Air Share 2.8 app lets the users of the iPhone, IPad and iPod turn their smartphones into an external drive to save, view, edit and print documents on the fly with this one Universal app which can be used on any of these devices.

Users of the iPhone only Air Sharing Classic app will benefit the most via this app as they will automatically be upgraded to the Pro feature for free. The iPhone only Air Sharing Pro will get the same advanced printing and document viewing ability and remote file server access on both the iPhone and the iPad. This latest Air Sharing Universal app has built in support for Google Docs which enables the user to access and view files which have been stored on the free document management platform from their i-devices other than the iPod.

Avatron CEO Dave Howell says, “Existing Air Sharing users will now be able to use their favorite document tools, like PDF navigation, document printing, file sharing and remote server access, on any iOS device for just $5, and, for new users, it’s a great way to future-proof your investment. Maybe you only have the iPhone now, but are looking to buy an iPad when the next version comes out. With this new Air Sharing Universal edition, you’ll be ready.”

“When it comes to productivity apps, the iPhone and iPad environments are actually quite comparable, so a single, universal app makes more sense for us and our users,” Howell said. “Moving to a universal app will allow us to improve the app more efficiently. But more importantly, it puts us on a firm foundation to prepare for some powerful new inter-device synchronization features related to Apple’s iCloud service. We’re very excited about that.”

There are some great features in this app that include the Print Sharing and Air Display features. The Print Share feature lets the user print any document straight from the iPhone or the iPad in three easy steps, while the Air Display feature lets any iPhone, iPod and iPad and any Mac device be used as a secondary display for your computer.

This new app by Avatron Software is now available at the Apple app store and is priced at a relatively cheap $5.

Air Sharing 2.8

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