Fixing SMS Error Messages on iPhone 6

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// January 23, 2016
Fixing SMS Messages on iPhone 6

As bugs can be easily fixed, they require a lot of lengthy process and workaround. Numerous iPhone 6 owners have experienced the inability to send or recieve SMS imessages on their iPhone 6. While sending iMessages there may not be problems, but if there are bugs at work. When regular messages are sent on the iPhone 6, there are many fixes to the issue if you have a problem getting your point across.

Step 1: Restart the iPhone 6

Fixing SMS Messages on iPhone 6

An important thing to try out when one notices any inconveniences or bugs is restarting the iPhone. Restarting the device can fix tiny issues and make the situation easier to sort out. You can also delete old messages from the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. You should remove these messages because they are ruining the iPhone’s efficiency levels. In order to do this, you need to launch the Messages app and tap on Edit from the left corner. You should also select messages through a tiny round circle next to a certain message and tap Delete from the bottom right corner.

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Step 2: Check the Connection and Reset the iPhone

Apple has come up with SMS forwarding or relay with iOS8. SMS relay has a continuity feature and this allows sending and receiving SMS messages on synced devices like Mac, iPad and so on. If SMS relay is enabled, chances are SMS will not be sent if there is a connection problem between synced devices. Once the iPhone reconnects, messages app can be launched on the iPhone and SMS is sent as usual. Resetting the network can help in resolving issues. Some changes in settings such as Wi-Fi passwords or VPN settings. Resetting the iPhone does not delete data or files.

Step 3: Restoring the iPhone or turning on the LTE feature

Fixing SMS Messages on iPhone 6

Apple’s best flagship device iPhone 6 has a VoLTE feature. It is advisable to turn off the LTE and use it for data on the iPhone. LTE does not work properly in specific areas. Restoring the iPhone as new is also a good way. Backing up the device first before restoring media and data will be removed is a must.

Step 4: Reboot the iPhone

A hard or soft reboot is the best option when you experience the Home and Power button on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Hold on to the screen till one sees the Apple Logo again and rebooting the text message functionality will work wonders for your iPhone.

Step 5: Disable SMS forwarding on all things

SMS forwarding or relay is part of the Apple Continuity feature. While one sends and receives SMS messages and sorting out the connection issue by disabling SMS forwarding.

Step 6: Restore iPhone 6

Restoring the iPhone can help to fix the issues. Text messages work fine after this. Restoring the iPhone in iTunes and bringing the backup down from iCloud can work wonders.


Rebooting, restarting or setting the iPhone again will work wonders for restoring messaging functionality. There are many other iMessage Error like, Grey Box iMessage and imessage waiting for activation.

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