Simple Steps On Taking An Iphone Screenshot

// August 8, 2014
iphone screenshot

Sometimes in life, you find very amazing events or things that you would want to capture and save in your iphone forever, or even share with a friend through an iphone screenshot. Such events can be accidents, a record of somebody’s spoken words, weddings, test designs, and funny moments.

However, you might wonder if you can really take a screenshot using your iphone because there is no app or any visible button on iOS devices for taking screenshots. This does not mean that it is impossible, you only need to master some few tricks on how to do it and you will get the hang of it. The following are some simple steps.iphone screenshot

If your iphone is off, turn it on. Do this by pressing and holding down the on/off button on the top of the iphone. Do not release it until the white Apple logo appears. When it appears, release the button and wait a few seconds and it will display the main menu on the screen.

Next, get the image that you need to take a screenshot. This can be from a text message, a particular website, your email, your home screen, or even your photos. Open the image so that it is displayed on the screen of your iphone.

When the image is still on your screen, find both the on/off button which is normally located at the top right side of your iphone, and the home button. The home button is located at the bottom of your iphone. It is normally round in shape and located at the center. At the center of this button, there is a picture of a square with white outline. So, make sure you have located the right on/off button and the home button.

Step three is to press both the on/off and the home buttons simultaneously. However, you need to be keen on how you do it because if you press the home button for long, Siri will be activated. On the other hand, if you press the on/off button for too long, your iphone will go off. So you will have to learn how to balance the two buttons. However, after a few trials you will be good to go. So, just press the two buttons simultaneously then release them. Do not hold them for too long.

If you do it right, the screen of the iphone should flash white and at the same time, you should hear a camera shuttering. If you hear this, it means you have taken a successful screenshot of your image. Remember the image is still on the screen.

Now, make sure that you have really captured your image by checking if the picture has been listed in your camera roll. You might wonder what a camera roll is and where it is located. Just go to your home screen and click on the photo app. When it opens, search for camera roll and open it. You should find your image here listed as the last. If you fail to find the image, it means that you did not capture it and so you will have to repeat the process.

Getting the screenshot is the tricky and the most important thing. So, now that you have it saved in your photo app, you are free to do with it anything you can do with your photos. This includes sharing it with your friends through short messages, social media, or even email.

In addition, these instructions are applicable to all iOS devices and iphones are in this category. In fact, apart from iphones, other devices such as the iPod touch and iPads that are operating with iOS 2.0 or a higher version are in this category. However, only the iPod models that use touch are able to take screenshots because they run on iOS. The other iPOD models will not. So, make sure you know the type of your device before follow these instructions.

Therefore, due to the advancement of technology, many new versions of iOS devices are being invented, and iphones are one of them. People are moving in phase with the technology, and you need to know the hidden secrets on how these devices operate. Knowing how to take an iphone screenshot is very important if you own an iphone.


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