Sapphire Display: Apple’s Next Frontier

// February 3, 2014
Apple iPhone 6 Could Feature a Sapphire Display

The Apple iPhone has become more of a smartphone over the last seven years, shedding itself of earlier technology and embracing what many believe to be the future. Each year, iPhones and iPads are made thinner, lighter, and faster, along with Apple’s dual-core processor to boot. As of last September, Apple decided to place a 64-bit processor chip into the iPhone 5s along with an M7 motion coprocessor chip for future activities related to gaming and fitness. It is with 64-bit tech as well as Apple’s fingerprint scanner and Touch ID software that Apple leads the way into the future.

While all these changes and more have graced the iPhone, battery life remains one area in which many iPhone users long for change. Apple may not respect its Android rival, Samsung, but the Galaxy Note 3’s battery life (anywhere from 18-36 hours, depending on usage) puts the iPhone to shame.

Apple may increase its battery life in the upcoming iPhone 6, if rumors mean anything.

Your iPhone 6 Could Have a Display Full of This Stuff

The latest rumor from our favorite fruit company says that Apple intends to utilize a sapphire glass display (not the long-standing Corning Gorilla Glass) in the upcoming iPhone 6, a display that Apple believes will make the iPhone display harder to break and harder to drain than ever before. earlier this week point to “a critical new sub-component of Apple products to be used in the manufacture of the consumer electronics” that Apple intends to sell. While the “new” component is unnamed, it is clear that Apple is partnering with GT Advanced Technologies, a company that, according to its website, is “a diversified technology company with innovative crystal growth equipment and solutions for the global solar, LED, and electronics industries.” The word “crystal” here is a dead giveaway.

Apple looks to not only use a sapphire glass display in the iPhone 6, but a sapphire glass display that cuts down on battery life – reducing battery loss and ensuring a battery with significant longevity. GT’s work in LED and solar energy could indicate that the iPhone 6 may have not merely a sapphire display, but a solar sapphire display. Apple also received a patent this week calling for “photovoltaic cells” and “light-emitting diodes” within the MacBook display structure . Interesting timing, don’t you think?

The documents provided above also suggest that the US Foreign Trade Board looks to activate Apple’s new sapphire plant out in Arizona as of “February 2014.” If the rumors and documents are true, Apple’s sapphire plant will ensure the perfect deadline for Apple’s new knockout display to emerge in September.

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