No Sound During Calls on iPhone- How to Fix This

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// December 22, 2015
No Sound During Calls on iPhone- How to Fix This

Having an iPhone 6 is more than a status symbol, it’s a delight. You get a device that looks good and works well. But what happens if your amazing iPhone develops a not so awesome problem in that there is simply no sound during calls on the device? Well, there are plenty of options to fix the problem of being muted and can’t hear the other person during calls on an iPhone. Let’s see what each of them entails.

#1 Turn up the volume

No Sound During Calls on iPhone- How to Fix This

This is the first thing you need to do. Check your volume button and see if you have not accidentally switched it off by mistake, without noticing. It could also be that pressing the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone cause it to start working again. After all, man and machine are two very different species and one cannot be like another. Devices are prone to error and there can be many issues with these. Volume not working is only one such manifestation. Fiddling with the volume button could work in such cases. If not, here are some other quick fixes.

#2 Clean your iPhone’s receiver

Sometimes, dirt and dust clog the iPhone and prevent it from working properly. To remove the offending impurities, you need to select a toothpick or blunt needle and use it to clean the iPhone gently. Removing the dirt will cause your iPhone to function better, if the problem is caused by dust. iPhones frequently malfunction if they are not well maintained, so bear this point in mind.

#3 Switch off bluetooth technology

If the Bluetooth is turned on, turn it off. You can do this by accessing Settings and tapping on the Bluetooth symbol. If the bluetooth is switched off when the voice starts to disappear, try switching on the Bluetooth. Often, adjusting the Bluetooth has a magical effect on restoration of volume in an iPhone.

#4 Restarting the device could work too

No Sound During Calls on iPhone- How to Fix This

In some cases, restarting the phone leads to excellent results and fixes many issues. For checking this device and restoring its volume, you need to press down and hold the switch on/off button and when the slider appears, just restart your device by dragging it. This will turn off before so you have to press the same button to turn it back on.

#5 Latest version of iOS could solve the volume muting issues

It could be that your device is not upgraded to the latest version of the iOS. This can also cause problems and create an issue with the iPhone. Upgrading the software on the device will yield positive results too, other than restoration of volume. Your iPhone will become faster and more efficient for example.

With these simple tips, you can avoid a major issue or even a trip to the Apple Store. After all, these quick fixes have been known to work and all of them are tried and tested. So, try them out today and watch the volume come back with a bang.

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