Fix Frozen/stuck on the Apple Logo for iPhone/iPad

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// January 25, 2016
Fix Frozen stuck on the Apple Logo for iPhone iPad

If you are trying to jailbreak iPhones, chances are high that your iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo and does not boot well. This can work out into a minor bug for your iPhone 6. If you are looking for the right fix, here’s the quick method in fixing frozen apple logo.

Step 1: Connecting the iPhone to the computer through the USB cable

Step 2: Placing the iPhone 6 in DFU Recovery mode

For ensuring this, you can press and hold the home and power button for around 10 seconds. Following this, you need to release the power button and press the home button. Then, iTunes will detect the device in DFU mode and you can then restore your iPhone.

Fix Frozen stuck on the Apple Logo for iPhone iPad

This 2 step method is the easy way to fix frozen or stuck logos for iPhone/iPads. But if you have data that needs to be backed up, tools such as TinyUmbrella can be used for fixing the recovery mode issue. For this, you need to download and open TinyUmbrella Fix Recovery and connect the iPhone. Then right click the Fixrecovery tool and open it via Terminal for Mac while you can open the file on Windows. This should help to fix the iPhone problem.

Every time the iPhone is rebooted and stick on the Apple logo, there are other methods of solving the problem. To know the solution, you have to explore the root of the problem. What happens when the iPhone or iPad turns on is that you follow certain steps. The iPhone has to turn on and function. iOS updates, restores and data transfers from the computer to the iPhone have access to core functionality so this can lead to a problem. Security software, defective USB cables and tricky USB ports can step in the way of data transfer process and lead to software corruption causing the Apple logo to remain fixed on the iPhone. Certain websites and Apple employees too talk about jailbreaking when the Apple logo is fixated within the iPhone. Jailbreaking requires complete restoration and leads to apps breaking out of jail, accessing iPhone’s basic functionality.


Fix Frozen stuck on the Apple Logo for iPhone iPadHard reset has to work most of the time. For completing the hard reset, one has to press and hold the Home button and power button till the Apple logo disappears and reappears within the screen. Data sent from the computer to the iPhone can lead to problems especially if the PC is used. The iPhone is an external device for the computer and numerous other software can interfere at the time of crucial moments of the iOS update or restore leading to an Apple logo fixation.

Connecting to iTunes can sometimes get stuck on the Apple logo. The first thing you need to do is connect a USB cable and USB port. Using the defective USB cables and ports on the PC can interfere with the data transfer process and destroy the iPhone’s software. If there were issues with the PC and you have not backed the iPhone, make sure you do so in iCloud or iTunes. If you do not so, data will not be retrievable. DFU or default firmware update is the most intricate type of iPhone restore. What ensures that DFU restore different from other regular restore and recovery mode restore in that it completely reloads the firmware of the iPhone, leaving aside just the software. Firmware is programming that exerts control over the manner in which the hardware works on the iPhone. If the problem persists, and the Apple logo is still stuck on the iPhone screen, you need to replace it or get the problem repaired.

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