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// May 12, 2015

As you keep on using your iPhone on a daily basis, it will get smudge, dust, and other particles or substances that hamper the sound hardware of your device. In most occasions, speakers, headphone port, USB port and other peripherals get jammed and stop working in their usual way. If you are facing iPhone no sound problem, then it may have happened due to the hardware break down or in rare cases software malfunction. So, let’s have a look what you can do to fix your iPhone no sound problem.


iPhone Sound Fix Step 1

To start, just reboot your iPhone 6, 5, 5s to check whether it was just a temporary issue or does it still have no sound after restart.


Step 2

It often happens that the software gets malfunctioned when you plug in and plug out your headphone too many times, so try and plug in your headphone few times in a row to see if the software gets fixed by itself.

Similarly, do so with your iPhone dock so that your software gets triggered back to the normal functioning.

Step 3 Brushing iPhone Headphone jack & Charging

If you are using your iPhone for awhile now, then consider cleaning the dock charging connector with a tooth brush(with or without rubbing alcohol). For your information, if the dock connector gets jammed with dust, then it may signal to the software that your device is still connected to the dock. So, cleaning it probably will help you to fix your sound problem.


You may also clean the headphone port with a pin size tool kit that can clear out the dust. Do so for your dock connector as well.

Step 4 Blowing Headphone and Dock Connector

You can blow the headphone and dock connector with a hair dryer or using your mouth air to get rid of dust and other debris.

Step 5

Now, if you strongly believe that your device was never dropped out of your hand, nor has any hardware issue, then simply just reset your device to factory settings and the problem should be fixed.

On the other note, if you think that your iPhone was dropped from your hand and the body feels little untidy, then do press with a little force on the right of the home screen which is the area where speakers have some connections. This is the least fruitful thing you could do for fixing the sound issue but works for some lucky people.

However, as a last resort, take your device to a iPhone 6 service center if none of the suggestions worked out for you.

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