What To Do iPhone/ iPad Water Damage

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// June 3, 2015
iPhone iPad Water Damage What To Do

First of all, do not panic and end up doing something silly if you just have dropped your iPhone/iPad in the water or in any type of liquid substance. Do not even think about switching it on to check if it’s working if you have already switched it off. Now, just calm down and follow these suggestions which worked out for many victims over the years.

Identify your situation as in you just have dropped it and looking for help or just have tried many ways and now looking for some extreme suggestions. If you see that you have tried all the suggestions here, but didn’t work out, then consider taking your iPhone/iPad to a service center.

iPhone iPad Water Damage What To Do

Considering your situation as you have just got your iPhone/iPad wet due to any mishap, the very first thing you need to do is to remove the battery (if it’s removable) to avoid any further electrical damages or short circuits. Be cautious with your warranty as water damage can void your device warranty if it is still under the warranty period.

To know whether the liquid or water got into your device deeply or has damaged anything, check the water sensors which can be found almost in all Apple devices. The sensors are located in the dock connector and headphone jack which you can see with a flashlight or any other torch light. Check if the sensors are turned red, by default it remains white. Red color will indicate that your device is water damaged, and white color indicates the normal condition.

iPhone iPad Water Damage What To Do

Regardless of what condition it is, consider removing the water or liquid from the device as much as possible. You can shake the device for a while to get rid of some water, and later on try to dry it up. For drying it up, you can follow these most conventional and controversial ways, parenthetically, be careful!

  • Use an air blower or a hair dryer in a proper way that your device doesn’t get too much heat to melt. Some people might suggest you not to do it, but you can give it a try if you can control the heat properly.
  • Another mostly used technique is to keep your device in the uncooked rice for 48-72 hours. Many people believe that the rice will soak up the moisture and will get your device dry within 48-72 hours. So, you can do it at your own risk because there’s a chance of corrosion and your dock connector and other ports might get jammed.

iPhone iPad Water Damage What To Do

  • You can try your luck with Silica gel which also does the job of soaking up the moisture. Cover your iPhone/iPad with the Silica gel packs and leave it for 48 hours. Hopefully, you can expect your device to smile again.

Since water damage is one of the most common and worst issues with iPhone/iPad, there’s no guarantee that above suggestions will work for you. Some people got too lucky using just one of these suggestions and some were not; so, it depends totally on how severely your device got water damaged.

If all of those tips fail in fixing water damage on iPad/iPhone, you would need to bring it to an Apple store and get a replacement for iPhone. If the iPhone is out of warranty expect to pay around $300.