iPhone iOS Crash Warnings Pop-up on Safari

// August 8, 2015

While, browsing the internet on your iPhone a sudden popup scam would appear on Safari. The message would say “”Warning IOS – Crash Report Due to a third party application in your phone. iOS Crashed Contact support for an immediate fix (Toll Free)”. If you receive this popup message, you should ignore what the message say and do not call the phone number provided. If you do call the phone number, it would just transfer you to an Indian call centre. They would ask you to pay like $100 to remove the virus or fix this problem.

The problem is their is no problem with your phone, this is just another bogus internet scam trying to trick the user. This popup scam will have many message, below are some examples:

“There is a problem with the configuration of your iOS. Please call Apple Technical Support.”

“Suspicious Activity Might Have been Detected. Major Security Issue To fix it please call Support for Apple”

 “Warning! Virus alert detected on your Apple”
To fix fake virus/Apple support on iPhoneios-scam-sicoir-7-16-15-500x342
1)First put the iPhone in Airplane Mode. Goto Setting and look for Airplane Mode and turn it on
2)Close Safari on your iPhone or iPad
3)In iPhone Settings tab onto Safari Setting -> Clear History and Website Data.
4)Go back to setting and turn off Airplane Mode.
To prevent future problem, you should turn on select “Block pop-up” and To turn on anti-phishing for Safari Setting




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