iPhone iOS 9 iMessages Text Box Turns Grey

// February 20, 2016

After updating your device to the latest version iOS 9 on the iPhone 6, you may have experienced this bug which the text  iMessage text box turns to gray. You are still able to type your message but there is a gray box that hides your text. This problem occurs when sending iMessage or SMS to other iPhone user.


There are many iOS users who experienced this kind of bug like the Imessage waiting for activation. You couldn’t respond to a text message because there is a gray box with 0:00 blocking you on the imessage. This looks like pressing when the microphone. There are ways to solve this issue and get rid of the gray bar which prevents you from sending messages.

Normally, the gray box appears when using to send an audio message by pressing and holding the microphone located on the right side of the text box. That is why there is 0:00, which is a glitch in the Messages app. It is supposed to be hidden when you are not using the microphone feature.

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How to Fix Messaging Bug Box which Turns Grey on iPhone 6

There are no permanent fix yet for this known bug, but there are few ways and suggestions to fix this issue which has 100 percent chance to solve the problem, and here are some:

text box turns grey

Solution 1 to Fix Gray Box: Close your Messages App by clicking the Home button twice and swipe the app upwards. Wait for few seconds and open the Messages App again. If it does not disappear, try again or jump to the next solution.

Solution 2: Turn your device off for few seconds. Hold the power button and slide to power off. Wait for few seconds then turn your device back on by holding the power button until you see the Apple logo in the back ground.

Solution 3: From Settings App, go to Messages and turn on Character Count and Show Subject Field. After doing this, close Settings App and check your Messages App if it disappears. If yes, go back to Settings and turn off Character Count and Show Subject Field. Just repeat until it disappears.

Solution 4: In Settings app, go to Messages and turn iMessage off. Turning off the iMessage feature disables audio messages, which can remove the glitch. Go back to Messages app to check if the box disappeared. If yes, you can turn your iMessage on again to continue.

Solution 5: Go to Settings and look for Messages. Scroll down to Audio Messages and turn off Raise to Listen which allows you to listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising your device to your ear.

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