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// July 5, 2016

As soon as you update to the newest iOS 10, your iPhone 6’s Wi-fi just suddenly stop working. But most of the time you wouldn’t know how to fix an annoying  problem without knowing the cause. Isn’t it a big mess? So, how can you deal with connectivity issues without running to the Apple Store or trying to replace the router? If you are looking for a quick fix, here are 10 simple ways to fixing the iPhone that won’t connect to Wi-Fi, without going to an Apple store.

1. Disable WiFi service settings on iPhone 6

Fix WiFi connectivity issues on iPhone 6 by following these easy steps for disabling WiFi service settings:


  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Then, go to Privacy and select Location Services.

  • Scroll down and select System Services and then find WiFi Networking option.

  • Flip the switch to disable to WiFi Networking setting.

Reboot the iOS device after these steps. Then, try rejoining the iPhone Wi-Fi network once again. Check if this fixes the iPhone 6 WiFi connectivity problem.

2. iPhone 6 try Wi-Fi Renew Lease to Fix Slow WiFI

Use this option to create a new IP address from your router. Connect to the WiFi network easily without getting dropped by renewing lease.

  • Go to Settings and access WiFi
  • Find the WiFi network and tap the (i) button to the right of the network.


  • Tap Renew Lease and you will be able to connect to the WiFi network; the connection will not drop any more.

3. Change To A Custom DNS

You can change the DNS servers on your iPhone if you’re receiving slow Wi-Fi speed. To deal with this problem, you can use a Google DNS( or OpenDNS.


4. Forget The Wi-Fi Network, And Rejoin It

This is a simple solution. Forgetting the WiFi network, and rejoining it is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings and access WiFi
  • Tap on the (i)button next to the name of the network
  • Tap on Forget this network 
  • Then, rejoin the WiFi network and watch all your connectivity problems disappear.

5. Reset Network Settings on iPhone 6

Resting the Network on the iPhone is one of the very first To fix the WiFi issue on an iPhone 6, you can reset the network setting. Follow these steps to do so:


  • Go to Settings in your phone.
  • Now, choose General and then go to the Reset option.

  • Finally, select the Reset Network Settings.

Then, the device will reboot automatically. Keep in mind that saved WiFi passwords and details will be erased. So, re-enter these details to access the WiFi easily on the iPhone 6.

6. Power off the iPhone 6 and Wi-Fi router

To power off the iPhone or turn off the WiFi router is another way. Once the router reboots or the iPhone switches on, it should be able to connect smoothly to the WiFi.

7. Restart Your Router And Update Its Firmware

reset router to fix ipad no wifi

Unplug the router and wait for some seconds. You must then plug it back in. Updating firmware/software can also be a way out. The update can prevent the problem from coming back. For problems with the wireless router built-in software, firmware updates are the solution. WiFi routers use same hardware to create wireless networks yet software built in can be used for different models.

8. Reset from iTunes

Use iTunes to reset the device to fix internet connectivity issues. You can connect your iPhone 6 to the computer and follow these steps: (Make a backup first)

  • Go to iTunes and open the phone’s dashboard
  • Click on the Restore button from the Summary tab.

  • Wait till the process is finished and the phone restarts.

  • Once you see the Hello screen, set up your iPhone 6 by following the instructions on the computer screen.

Many users have been able to fix WiFi connectivity issues using this method. See if it works for you too.

9. Factory Reset your Device

A third solution for WiFi problems on iPhone 6 is a factory reset on the device. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Go to Settings option in your phone.
  • Choose General and then select Reset option.

  • Now, click on Erase All Content and Settings. (If you have passcode, then you will be asked to enter it.)

  • Finally, click on the Erase iPhone option to approve the reset.

The factory reset will take time. It depends on the apps and services used on your iPhone.

10. Update to the latest iOS 10 on iPhone 6

Using an older version of the iOS on iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? This could be the reason for your WiFi connectivity issues. Updating your device’s iOS to the latest version might fix your problem. An iOS update can sometimes cause other apps to not work, but this can fix Wi-Fi problems that will cause slow internet.

Conclusion to fixing iPhone 7 WiFi

Resolving WiFi connectivity issues is easy. From a factory reset to a reboot or a restart, there are many options. In case all of these fail, you may need to replace the router or get the iPhone 6 checked at an Apple Store. Contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Support to know more.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Won’t Connect To WiFi iOS 10

  1. Jerry says:

    iOS 10 have some new features and improvements, but having slow internet shouldn’t be one of them!

  2. G2 says:

    After updating to iOS 10, I havnt been able to connect to the Wi-Fi Network.

  3. Bully says:

    For some odd reason my iPhone 7 won’t connect to my home wi-fi network.

  4. Peta says:

    My iPhone was not able to connect to other wifi network(starbucks and other free network) which is why I was thankful when this actually fixed my wifi problem. Since I tried changing my router setting my wifi connect in my house is alot more strong without having any issues or whatsoever connecting with other wifi networks since. Even after resetting my new router I wasn’t able to get a stable internet connect.

  5. Peta says:

    So I updated my iPhone 6 to run iOS 10 Beta. The Home wifi signal drops really bad where I was getting slow and painful speed on download. Also I Need to stay within 5ft of my router or my wifi signal will just drop right off. My other iDevice such as iPad is not running on iOS 10, so it’s not experiencing any wifi issues.

    So before i did this update to iOS 10, I was able to get perfect wifi signal speed standing all the way outside from the house. Unfortunately I don’t know what to do and might have to revert to my older iOS 9.3.3 to fix this problem.

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