iPhone 6 Set Up Made Easy

// October 4, 2014

The new iPhone 6 is a revolutionary smartphone that everybody is talking about on the Internet these days. Now that some of you have already purchased your own iPhone 6, you should know how to set up your phone properly so that it will be fully functional and meet your expectations. There are a number of steps to follow so that all of the phone’s features are fully functional -follow these steps on how to set up your iPhone 6!


Turning the Phone On

The first step you should take after opening the package is to turn on the phone. The older iPhone models were designed with the power button on the top right, but the iPhone6 has the power button on the upper-right side. To turn it on, you have to hold the button until the screen lights up and the Apple icon shows.

Basic iPhone 6 Set Up

After the logo fades away, you will be shown the setup assistant of the iOS. This assistant will help you with your iPhone 6 setup basics. To setup iPhone 6’s basic features, you will be asked by the assistant to choose a language, the WiFi network to choose and connect to, and iCloud will sign you in. You can make an iCloud account if you are new.

Inputting Data

For new iPhone users, you can select the Set Up as New iPhone option to give some basic data for the phone to work. If you were an iPhone owner in the past, then your iPhone 6 setup will give you the option to choose the Restore from iCloud Backup. Before this step, you should have backed up all of your data from your old iPhone model and transferred it all to an existing iCloud account you have. You can transfer all of your settings, contacts, apps, photos, and even other content that the old iPhone model had.

Add Security

When you set up your iPhone 6, you will have to activate the Touch ID. Your iPhone will store a lot of sensitive data, so you should always secure all of the phone’s data with the proper security measures. During your iPhone 6 setup, you will be asked to enable the Touch ID. After activating the security measure, your screen will show several instructions for setting up your fingerprint. The assistant will ask you to place your finger on the home button several times at different angles. This basically gets the photo of your fingerprint and ensures that the phone receives all angles of your fingerprint.

Save Battery Life

There is one feature of the iOS 8 that easily drains the battery of the phone, and that is the parallax. To turn this off, go to settings, then general, then accessibility, and then reduce motion. Turn that feature on.

Now your iPhone 6 setup is properly done. You can now normally use the phone without any worry. Any further custom setup for the iPhone 6 is up to you!