iPhone 6 Problems Explored and Expunged


After its release on September 19th, there have been no shortage of reports about iPhone 6 problems. The internet has been full of speculation, not only about the iPhone 6 but also the iPhone 6 Plus – some say they bend, some say they crash, some are just posting spammy links and profanity. iPadHelp.com has embarked on a mission to get to the bottom of the issues.

Gone are the days when the public can be awed by a click-wheel MP3 player – when Apple releases a new product, we expect perfection. One of the biggest problems raised about the iPhone 6 is its inherent bending abilities. The web is being flooded with videos of over privileged teenagers and out of work thirty-somethings bending their iPhone 6 with ease. Personally, I try to avoid purposely breaking expensive electronics days after buying them.
So the iPhone 6 can bend – so what? Whether you’ve jammed your iPhone 6 into your extra-skinny jeans or decided to plop it into the back pocket of your over-sized board shorts, at least you can rest assured that your phone isn’t what’s ruining your look. As it happens, most items in my own house bend when excessive force is applied to them – a fact I never fully considered until all this fuss about the iPhone 6 bending problem.

There are other issues that have been brought up – Blue Tooth concerns, the glass is not unbreakable enough, iOS 8 issues, the camera lens would not be suitable for filming a full length action movie, etc. All this droning takes away from what is important here: master innovators have been able to come up with solutions, like this one to solve all of your problems at once. Why worry – when you can keep your iPhone safe and also look incredibly daring and stylish all at once – with a leather shoulder holster for your phone. As ridiculous as it may sound, someone is making them, which means someone is buying them.

Back on track, there was an issue with the first iOS 8 update for the iPhone 6, which Apple has received some harsh criticism for. In perspective, the first purchaser of the iPhone 6 in Perth dropped the phone on the ground. We all make mistakes; Apple has been ruthlessly criticized before correcting the issue and the young man has probably had to move back in with his parents to cover the bill for his second phone, and at the end of the day we’re all alive and well.

No matter how you cut it (or bend it), the iPhone 6 has it’s problems. The thing to keep in mind is, what doesn’t? It’s a rarity that anything in life, electronic or otherwise, performs exactly as it should at any given moment in time. It wasn’t long ago that only the most privileged had telephones, which were enormous and ridiculous looking. Today, we can seamlessly transition between streaming music from the internet, finger-typed messages, talking on the phone, and taking incriminating pictures of our employers – all on one pocket sized device, whether it’s the iPhone 6 or something else is entirely up to you, just don’t expect any of it to be perfect.