iPad Sound Isn’t Working; Help!

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// August 16, 2014

Q: My iPad sound isn’t working at all (iPad 2, Wi-Fi, iOS 7). What can I do?

A: To fix the issues with your iPad sound, there are a few things you can do. First, you should be sure to check your iPad sound in the Control Center at the bottom of your desktop screen. If you aren’t able to check your Control Center with a swipe up, then you likely need to reconfigure your Control Center settings in the settings section under the words “Control Center.” Be sure to activate Control Center use within apps if you want to access your controls no matter where you are in iOS.


If Control Center is working well, then you should be able to adjust it. You may find that your Control Center volume is completely muted, and you can then adjust the volume slider to get your iPad sound to working again. If Control Center is not the problem, adjust your iPad sound with the long volume rocker at the top of your iPad screen. Sometimes, the issue occurs with the long volume button, although it serves the same purpose as the Control Center iPad sound does.

If you try the above steps and still can’t get your iPad sound to work, I recommend turning on a game or song in your music app to see if the sound will return. Sometimes, glitches in iOS 7 or other iOS updates can cause the sound to go out and return at random times. In iOS 6, I had the same issue whenever I would play FIFA 13 soccer: the sound would randomly go out, then randomly return. Sometimes, I needed to reboot (or restart) my iPad to get the sound to return; at other times, I just needed to sit and wait for a few minutes before the iPad sound would return. This may be the case with you or checkout Apps Sound Problem Fix.

As a last resort, should your iPad sound refuse to return, you will need to restore the device. Read our steps here on how to place your iPad in recovery mode.

Are you having trouble with your iPad sound? Write in and let us know. Our mission here at iPad Help is, as always, to help.