iPad and iPhone Not Syncing Fix

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// June 9, 2015
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These days you often sync your Apple devices for iTunes sharing, photos or other media files sharing. No doubt it can be very annoying if it doesn’t sync the way it should and gets the job done. Ever since iTunes 12 came into the action, the numbers of user complaints have increased markedly. Media transfer gets stuck, music tracks and songs can’t be played, outright refusal to sync and some other issues are overwhelming with the new release of iTunes.

Nevertheless, identifying the issues with the syncing is equally important as to fix them. It is not only that you will face problems with Wi-Fi syncing, it may cause troubles with your USB syncing too. However, before starting to do anything with your device to fix the syncing problem, make sure you take a full backup of your devices.

iPad and iPhone Not Syncing Fix

  • If you haven’t recently updated your iOS, then update it to the latest version available, by going to the Settings>General> Software Update.
  • Do the same for your iTunes; make sure it is the latest version running on your device.
  • Even if you like to use Wi-Fi syncing, for the sake of fixing the problem, plug-in the device with your computer using a USB cable.
  • Within the iTunes, select the device that you are going to connect and uncheck Wi-Fi syncing. Prevent iPods, iPads and iPhones from syncing automatically and then click apply.

iPad and iPhone Not Syncing Fix

  • Now, quit iTunes and disconnect the device from your computer.
  • Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod and relaunch iTunes. Reconnect your device with the computer again.
  • Within the iTunes, select the device again, and this time enable the Wi-Fi syncing. Click Apply.
  • Now, you can as usual try to sync your devices for media files and iTunes. Hopefully this time it will work without any problems.
  • Basically, you are done with fixing the problem, but it is always better to use the USB connection with your computer for syncing your devices to avoid any sort of interruption as it has very few complaints and works very well.

In most cases, following these suggestions have worked out and fixed the syncing problem, so you can consider doing them too. However, most users after attempting this fix can flawlessly sync their devices running on iOS8.1 and later versions.

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