How To Handle App Crashes On Your iPad

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// August 17, 2015
ipad app crashes

Q: I want to know why my iPad keeps closing apps and going back to the home page. How can this be fixed? It started when using one of the game apps. I checked to see if the game needed an update; it did not. So I am wondering, has anyone else experienced this? It’s like the screen blinks and all of a sudden, it’s back to the main screen where you see all of your icons. Can someone please help me with this? I did a soft and hard restart; neither seems to have helped.

ipad app crashes
A: First, let me say that I’m sorry you’re experiencing app crashes on your iPad. You’ve told me that you’ve already done a few reboots, but neither have improved the performance of your game app. Therefore, it could be the case that the app itself is buggy and needs some future updates to eliminate the bugs. This has happened to me before with the Gmail app on iOS. Of course, I had placed my gmail account in the Mail app pre-installed on the iPad, but I wanted to download and see how gorgeous the Gmail app was. Once I downloaded the Gmail app, I started having app crashes from day one. Each time I would open the Gmail app, the app would crash after only a few minutes.

The first step to handling app crashes for you, I would say, is to delete the game app and reinstall. This may not be the answer you’d like, but it seems that the iPad itself (at least not immediately) is the source of the problem. To delete the app, press the app hard until all the apps on your iPad desktop start to shake, then select the “X” found at the top of the game app in question. iOS will ask you whether or not to delete the app, and that, should you delete it, you will lose all of your game app data on the iPad. Go ahead and select “delete,” and the app will disappear from your desktop. After you delete it, you can head right over to the App Store, search for the game title (make sure you jot down the title so as to remember it), and then download it again.

This should help in the here and now, but if you continue to experience unusual app crashes, it’s likely that your iOS software on the iPad is the culprit. If this is the case, you’ll need to restore your device to factory settings. To do so, you’ll have to set your device in recovery mode before you can restore it to factory settings.

It seems likely, however, that the app crashes you’re experiencing are coming from the game app in question, not the iPad app experience in general. As a result, deleting and reinstalling the game app should solve this problem on ios 9.

Are you having app crashes with a particular app in question that you think needs new updates? If so, please write in and let us know. Even if there is no solution for the app in question right away, publicizing the problem may prompt the app creator to provide a quick fix.