How to Fix iPhone 6 Repeatedly Rebooting/Switching Off and On

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// January 11, 2016
How to Fix iPhone 6 Repeatedly Rebooting/Switching Off and On

You just bought an awesome iPhone 6 and it suddenly starts developing problems? Sometimes, iPhone 6 owners face unusual bugs suddenly and rapidly. If your device is rebooting randomly and this happens in the middle of something important, you will understandably be flustered by it. So how do you go about solving random restarting? Is there a quick fix or a perfect solution to this problem? Let’s find out.

Step 1: The first step is that you should clean up your iPhone 6. This means getting rid of all the following:
• Messages,
• Uniform resource locators,
• Cookies,
• Caches
• Bookmarks

How to Fix iPhone 6 Repeatedly Rebooting/Switching Off and On

Clean up these pointless files and useless messages and watch your iPhone come back to life again. Another good way to troubleshoot if your iPhone 6 keeps rebooting is to launch the settings app, click on Safari and clear the history and website data.

Step 2: An equally effective method which could work for you is deleting unnecessary apps which are worthless as this will bring more space for the device to function properly and make the device work more rapidly. Too many tweaks to your iPhone can also start off a rebooting problem.


How to Fix iPhone 6 Repeatedly Rebooting/Switching Off and On

Step 3: Hard reboot your iPhone if this is one solution you have not tried before. Rebooting the iPhone by pressing the on/off and Home button and then restarting it could work for you. Another quick fix is to reset your phone. Resetting the device may change its settings though it will not de-lete information or media. If you reset your iPhone, this can generally solve the bug.

Step 4: The ultimate fix is to restore your iPhone but this takes a lot of time. You should also take the elementary precaution of backing up your device for maintaining files as well as data before starting the restoration process. Many users have also reported random reboots of iPhone 6 and 6 plus after upgrading the OS. To sort out this problem turning off cellular data and then starting it again is a good way out of the jam.

Faulty apps can also get you into a lot of trouble. If you just downloaded a new app and your iPh-one started developing problems, delete the app, reboot your iPhone and then sync with iTunes to see if this sorts out the issue. Sometimes, even a battery can be the root of the problem. Worse come to worse, there is always the Apple Store. Do try these small interventions before heading off for a long cure though. After all, tuning your Apple iPhone each day keeps the technicians away!

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