How Can I Fix iPhone Waiting Apps that Will Not Install?

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// July 14, 2015
How Can I Fix iPhone Waiting Apps that Will Not Install

How do you fix Apps that will not install on iPhone? For example, many users have faced this problem that they couldn’t installing or updating an App which held as waiting and not installing at all. Now, who would you blame for this, your iPhone or something else? Let’s get the Apps not installing fix!

Whenever you are installing or updating your App you often forget to check the storage space available on your iPhone. Not only that, but your internet connection could be off before you’re do updating or install an App. Basically, this sort of problem is mostly connected with these 2 factors. There could be others as well, which will be unveiled here too.

Storage Space Available

How Can I Fix iPhone Waiting Apps that Will Not Install

If you are someone who continuously download Apps, browse the internet a lot, and loads plenty of media files and gaming Apps, then you should pay attention on the space available on your iPhone. Usually, even if you have 500MB space left on your iPhone, some updates might encounter such error and get stuck forever. So, the simple solution is to clear up some space by deleting unnecessary apps or simply just extend your storage if it is possible with your iPhone version. For checking the storage, go to General>Usage and determine what you need and what you don’t. In case of download error, delete what you have already downloaded and restart the download again.

Sometimes, even if you delete the Apps there could be some residual files which eat up your storage space after a certain interval. Therefore, you can consider resetting your iPhone to factory settings to free up more space which will ultimately release those spaces for you. Not to mention, backup all your data if you do this.

Wi-fi Network Connection

If you are on the go and trying to download or update your Apps then check your iPad Wi-Fi connection before you update it. Sometimes if your data carrier is having some technical difficulties with their network, you could probably face such an issue. It is wise to determine the connection stability first by watching a YouTube video. Technically, YouTube videos will go through a constant stream of data flow, which will ensure that the network is good enough for updating or downloading Apps. Once you have figured out a good network, you can restart the download again.

How Can I Fix iPhone Waiting Apps that Will Not Install

Apart from these 2 common factors, you should be wary of whether the Apple store server is having any technical problem or your iPhone is low on resources or you are just running too many background Apps while working on updates/downloads. It is better to do such tasks when your iPhone is turned on a little while ago or alternatively just close all the background Apps. Hopefully following these suggestions can keep you away from facing this problem over and over again.

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