How to Fix Waiting iPhone App Installation Problems

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// January 23, 2016
How to Fix Waiting iPhone App Installation Problems

If your trying to install an apps and an message show up on the iPhone 6 that won’t disappear. The message will stuck past the waiting screen and stalls the installation process, there are some fixes to this problem.

Step 1: Single tap the icon of the app on the home screen so that the download is paused. Now reach the iTunes App Store and click update for resuming the download. This fix works most of the time and in case it does not, try signing out of iTunes App store and signing back in. A few other solutions are also on the plate.


How to Fix Waiting iPhone App Installation Problems Waiting iPhone app can be installed or deleted on iPhone apps article to organize all the possible solutions and ensure installation or update process is simplified. iPhone, iPod and iPad employ the same iOS and solutions work for waiting iPad and iPod apps equally well.

The waiting iPhone app solution can be used for rebooting the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The iPhone can be rebooted Somehow the app update process remains stuck till the next day. The iPhone can be rebooted and apps will finish updating themselves. For rebooting the iPhone, the iPhone Power button can be powered down for 5 seconds till the slide to power down appears. You need to slide the slider over and turn the iPhone back through the iPhone Power button until one sees it come back on. Following the reboot, iPhone app installation can be resumed with the update of each app. iPad app can also solve the problem.

Step 2: Resuming the iPhone app downloading

This is the second solution to the iPhone app waiting problem which has also assisted iPhone owners. For a problem in installing or updating the iPhone Twitter app, these iPhone app waiting problems can be fixed using these steps:

How to Fix Waiting iPhone App Installation Problems

Locate the App Store on the iPhone and locate the Twitter app
Press Free button and the install button
The iPhone Twitter should be installed/reinstalled

Step 3: Sign in or out to the App Store

You can enter the App store on the Touch, sign into the account and return to the Touch home screen, entering the App store again and signing in as well as waiting.

Step 4: The Wi-Fi network can be fixed using a waiting iPhone app

This problem will be associated with the WiFi network and internet access and there are many ways to access this. In the event of the possible solution, the Mac or PC can connect to the iPhone has a direct cable connection to the internet provider. The cable connects from the back portion of the computer to the box the internet access provider gives to you. Connect your iPhone to the computer and aim to restart the waiting iPhone app using the iTunes app interface.

How to Fix Waiting iPhone App Installation Problems

Connect the iPhone or iPod to the Mac or PC

Wait till the iPhone or iPod comes on the iTunes DEVICES section
Then, you need to click the Apps tab on the right side of the iTunes and press the sync button.

The Wi-Fi Network

In case the solution does not work, check if the friend or neighbor’s Wi-Fi service and take the iPhone or iPod over to them. Log into their network and check if the download will continue. In case this does not work completely, you need to reboot the iPhone while located at the home and check if it restarts the process. You can also try out free Wi-Fi at areas such as McDonalds, Starbucks or other coffee shops.

When one opens up the iTunes App Store and makes the effort to install the app, the process hangs on a Waiting Screen and one gets stuck for this to accomplish something, immediate steps to solve the problem need to be taken.

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