How To Fix iOS 9.3 Activation Error After Update

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// April 1, 2016

There are common errors that occur when iPhone 6 and iPad users are updating their devices to the latest version of iOS 9.3. Keep in mind that you are not along with these problems. There are times that the fix is quite easy to some users, like trying it for two or three times or by simply restarting the device twice.


After the release of the latest iOS 9.3 update, many users have experience issues such as the activation error. If you have tried to restart your phone a couple of times and it still did not work, here are the steps to fix the iOS 9.3 Activation Error.

Fix iOS 9.3 Activation Error

Step 1: If you are using Wi-Fi to update your device and you experienced the iOS 9.3 Activation error, simply try it again with your Mac or PC via iTunes.

Step 2: Go to Settings App on your iPhone or iPad, then go to iCloud and toggle off Find My iPhone/iPad to unlink your device from the iCloud feature find my iPhone.

Step 3: Get your USB cable and connect your device to your Mac or PC.

Step 4: Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes to make it work.

Step 5: There are times that the servers of Apple are also busy especially with many users updating their devices, and are experiencing issues and errors as well. Before retrying the activation, check first if the Apple Services are green.

Step 6: Once your device is connected to your PC or Mac, restart your PC. This will automatically launch iTunes when the PC boots up.

Step 7: If the iTunes does not launch automatically with restart, jus open it manually.

Step 8: From the top left of your iTunes screen, click on your device icon.

Step 9: Click Settings, then click on Summary.

Step 10: From Summary, you will see details of your iPhone or iPad on the right side. Simply click on Update.

That’s it. It is pretty easy. It will then update your device automatically. But if the update does not work, simply try to “Restore” it using iTunes and retry to activate. Before attempting to restore your device, it is recommended to restart your device first.


After activating your device to iOS 9.3, make sure that you won’t forget to turn on the “Find my iPhone” feature. Hope this solves your problem! This is similar to the iMessage Activation Error, but is easy to fix.

Updating to iOS 9.3 13E237

You can update this new fixed IPSW directly from iTunes.

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