Five underrated features that the iOS 5 will have

// October 11, 2011

In Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event they did mention the bigger updates that were to be unveiled in their upcoming iOS 5 but as the date of the release of the new iOS comes near people are yearning for more news on this new iOS. We have the lowdown on some built-in apps that Apple has incorporated and enhanced for this iOS 5.

We will be looking at the Weather, FaceTime, Contacts, Maps and Music and Video apps. The weather app has been greatly improved upon all thanks to the new iOS 5 notification center. It also gets a live updating widget which even gives you the weather for your current location, that is if you choose to turn that feature on. A complete breakdown of temperature changes can be seen in this app by either dragging your finger downwards on the current day forecast or by tapping the hourly button below the location. These new improvements in the standard weather app will make developing a better and distinguishable weather app for developers a bit hard.

Secondly is the Maps app which at first sight looks more or less the same as it was in the previous iOS. But on closer inspection you will see that now it offers up to three suggested routes from any location. To select a route just press on start to begin following directions, the user can also switch between routes whenever they want to. The directions can even be printed with the new print option in the app. iPod Touch and iPhone users will even get to select the mode of travel that they are most likely to choose for the journey like car, public transport or walking from the app before selecting a route.

Two new features have been added to the phone app including incoming call location and per call deletion from recent call list. You phone will now display the location of an incoming call (if possible) and you can also delete specific calls from your recent calls list by swiping the contact to the left or right.

The FaceTime feature gets more icons on the Messages app above every conversation and an option to select what numbers and what Apple ID’s you can be reached at and mid call alerts. So no matter if you are in-between a FaceTime call or are chatting via your iDevice a small display will appear asking whether you would like to attend this incoming call or not.

The iPod app has disappeared from the iPhone. Now there are the Music and Videos apps and you can delete songs or albums from inside the device with no need to first connect to the iTunes.

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