Five New Features That Will Get You Excited About iOS 8

iPad Help, Tips & Tricks
// October 10, 2014

iOS 8 is here. The major new features you are going to find in the iOS 8 include iCloud Drive, Continuity, Family Sharing, Health and Extensibility. There are also many improvements for Messages, Spotlight, Photos and more. An iOS 8 review would be incomplete without mentioning the changes that have been made on the keyboard, as well as the introduction of Apple Pay. Overall, iOS 8 seeks to improve the user experience. This iOS 8 review looks at five main areas you are definitely going to love about iOS 8.



The functionality gap that has existed between iPad, Mac and iPhone is now a thing of the past with this new feature on iOS 8. This function is offering a seamless and secure user experience between the platforms. After years of trying to bridge this gap, Apple has succeeded. Now, you can hand off some work in an app on your phone and continue with the task exactly where you left off on a Mac. All you will need is to be logged in with the same Apple ID across both platforms.


It is now simpler and more efficient to write an email on your iPhone thanks to the changes made to the functionality of the key board. The keyboard is now very sensitive to the context of your texting, and it also adapts to your way of expression. The iOS 8 QuickType gives you word suggestions and learns the style you use to communicate with different people in your contacts. As a result, it makes suggestions of the words based on the conversations you typically make with that person. For example, while it might pull out a “hecka” phrase when you are texting a friend, it would not give that suggestion when you are writing your Boss an email. QuickType will increase the accuracy of its words predictions as it gets to know you some more.


Apple has introduced several new messaging features in iOS 8. Now, you can hold down the mic button to swiftly create an audio or video clip and send it as part of a text message. To send the video or audio you’ve just recorded, just swipe upwards. To delete it, just swipe left. Now, sharing in real time has never been easier. A new section for message details has been introduced with an option to call the sender, start Facetime or see their full contacts details. For group messaging, it is now possible to initiate do-not-disturb on a conversation or opt out of it entirely.

Apple Pay

This is iPhone’s checkout counter of a number of popular stores. Here you can use your iPhone camera to scan your credit card and store the scans using Passbook and then use the touchless system by holding up your iPhone and verifying using your fingerprint on the phone’s home button. Stores that are already using Apple Pay include Walgreens, McDonalds, Bloomingdale, Subway and Macy’s. Apple Pay is expected to spearhead mobile phone payments becoming widespread.


In iOS 8, Spotlight has been significantly enhanced. The new Spotlight can, as has always been the case, help you find something hidden in your device. Now, Spotlight also gives you Wikipedia results, news and data from Maps like movies and restaurants.

iOS 8 truly does pull off a better user experience. Though this iOS 8 review has only looked at five of its new features, there are many other features you are bound to love. Overall, iOS 8 does deliver to Apple’s consumers.