Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9? The fix is Right Here!

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// December 5, 2015
Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9 The fix is Right Here!

The latest update of iOS, that is iOS 9, has recently been launched by the Apple Inc. and has been the word of mouth of all its users for quite some time. But new platforms always bring along their problems too, and iOS 9 is no exception. We’ve gathered some of the most common iOS 9 troubles that users are complaining about and we’re offering guidance on how to fix them.

  1. To begin with, a glitch experienced quite often by a few users is regarding the touchscreen on their iPhone or iPad which freezes and does not respond to swipes or taps. The potential solutions to this problem are the following:
  • If you were operating an app when the device stopped responding, double tap on the Home button and swipe up on that app’s card to close it completely. It should work fine when you relaunch it.
  • If you observe that this problem frequently happen with a particular app, then find out if it is up to date in the App store or not. If it is up to date, then you should consider uninstalling it and then reinstalling it.
  • Lastly, you can try a restore as well. To do that connect your device to a computer via cable and go to File> Devices> Restore from Backup in iTunes.

Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9 The fix is Right Here!


  1. Some iOS 9 users have run into a problem with the Game Center. After updating, when they open the Game Center it just freezes on a blank page. For some users it will eventually load, whereas for others it will crash. If you’ve been a victim of this issue try out the following workarounds until Apple finds a fix:
  • Restore to plain iOS 9 and do not load a backup. As the trouble seems to be caused by some conflict between IOS 9 and backup data.
  • Downgrade to iOS 8.4 and don’t update until a fix is found.


  1. There has been a ton of complaints about a glitch with the use of cellular data. Users have found that the toggles under Settings > Cellular where you choose to ‘Use cellular data for’ and then pick the apps you want to use it for, are not working. The following solutions are worth a try if you’ve noticed this issue on your device:
  • Try resetting your network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Some users have reported that fully wiping the device and setting up with a clean install has worked for them. To try this option, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9 The fix is Right Here!


  1. Another problem that has been experienced pertains to their iOS 9 device refusing to connect to Bluetooth, or maybe it connects, but keeps dropping for no clear reason. If something similar has happened with your device, the following options may help to solve the problem:
  • Go toSettings > Bluetooth, find your device and tap ‘Forget This Device’. Now toggle Bluetooth off and on again, then set up the connection again.
  • Your Bluetooth accessory or car system might have reached its limit, try deleting old profiles.


  1. After the update to iOS 9 some users have had problems with activating iMessage and FaceTime. Any effort to log in results in a pop-up error message. If your device is connected to data or Wi-Fi network and you keep getting this error, then you can try the following options to resolve the issue:
  • Take a look inSettings > General > Date & Time and make sure it’s right.
  • Try going toSettings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. You’ll have to set up some things again.

Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9 The fix is Right Here!


  1. It has been reported by a few users that notification sounds for some messaging apps don’t seem to be working occasionally. The potential solutions are as follows:
  • Check that the mute switch isn’t on, and take a look underSettings > Do Not Disturb.
  • You could trySettings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, you’ll have to re-enter your settings afterwards.


  1. According to a lot of IOS 9 users the battery life has been improved, but if you haven’t noticed the same on your device try the following options to do so:
  • Take a look belowSettings > Usage > Battery Usage and see if there’s a particular app causing trouble, make sure it’s up to date or consider uninstalling it and using something else instead.
  • You could attempt to Low Power Mode in Settings > Battery. It limits performance and some background jobs to extend your battery life.

Are You Experiencing Annoying Problems with iOS 9 The fix is Right Here!


  1. The IOS 9 update has been having some trouble with installing apps or updates. It may just freeze on the screen with ‘Installing’ displayed. Listed below are the possible fixes for this issue:
  • Open the App Store app and go to the Updates, pick the app that’s frozen, click on the app icon at the top left, and then tap on the app icon when it’s on your home screen, it should get installed
  • Go toSettings > General > Usage > Show All Apps, remove the installed apps in here and then download them again.


  1. Users have been facing problems with iMessage not working properly after their update to IOS 9. The problems may be different from one user to another, but there are similar solutions to them, all listed below:
  • Shutting down Wi-Fi Assist seems to have helped some users. You can turn it off inSettings > General > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist.
  • Some users have said that the problem got fixed itself, apparently Apple has done something that doesn’t require any update.


  1. A lot of iOS 9 users were shocked to find their devices, frozen on the Slide to Upgrade screen. Apple accepted this problem and announced a solution, here’s the steps:
  • Connect your device to a computer and open iTunes.
  • Hold down thePower and Home button until the Connect to iTunes appears.
  • Click ‘Update’
  • Once the restore is complete, follow the on screen steps to set up your device.

As Apple devices are used worldwide, different users experience different kinds of troubles with the iOS. We discussed a few of the most commonly faced problems by the users and their solutions laid down to leave you enjoying your devices with no worries.

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