Email App Showing Massive Unread Emails Bug on iOS 9

// February 17, 2016

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After updating your iPhone 6 to the latest version iOS 9, some users have complained about a bug which is only noticeable to them under the “All Inboxes” of Mail app.

Many users are experiencing problems with the latest iOS 9.0 Mail app. After reading your emails from your app, it seems that the number of unread messages do not change at all. You will then notice lots of unread emails in your Mail app, and these numbers are not even right. The counts of unread emails are wrong.

What’s worse is that it is also increasing, and the problem seem to just never go away.

How to Solve This Issue?

There are many solutions to solve this issue. Some solutions worked for others, some do not. Just try each of the solutions below and see which of them will solve your problem.

E-mail Unread First solution:

Delete your POP email account setting or iMAP configured email accounts then, simply just re-add back the email account to your iPhone 6. Check if your Mail app displays the correct number of unread emails. If this solution does not work, try other solutions below.

Second solution:

Mark all your emails as read. Many users complain that this solution does not work for their iPhone 6, but some of the users say marking the Email will sometimes solved their problem of having a lot of unread mail popup.

Third solution Fix:

Go to Settings app and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Select (Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook) mail account which shows wrong unread messages. Click on Mail setting and switch the option to OFF, then close the app. Switch your phone off by holding down the power button until you see slide to power off. Wait for at least 30 seconds before you turn it on.

Mail app

When your device is already on, go back to Settings app, choose Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Select mail account and switch it ON. After doing this, close Settings app and check if your Mail app shows the right number of your unread emails.

Fourth solution:

Go to Settings App. Select Notifications and choose Mail App. Turn off Badge App option in each email account. After turning off one by one, go back to home screen and check if the numbers on Mail app disappeared. You will then see which account is the culprit. Then go back to Settings and turn on all badges one by one. The numbers on Mail app will appear again and you will realize which account is doing a mess. Delete that account and just add it again.

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