How To Close Apps in iOS 7: Two Ways

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// August 12, 2014
iPhone - the power to close apps in the palm of your hand

Q: I’ve just updated my iPad and cannot find how to close apps. Need help. iPad, iOS 7.0.6

As with all updates comes the need to close apps that you’ve used previously. The issue at hand is that apps running in the background tend to not only increase your data consumption (if running 3G/4G/LTE web data) but drain your battery as well. Closing apps in the background always helps with both data and battery. And that’s always a good thing.

iOS 7, however, provides a new way to close apps. In days past, the home button was only used for Siri and to close out a given app and head back to the home page. Now, iOS 7 has been optimized to allow you to double tap the home button in order to arrive at a list of apps that need to be closed. You can then dismiss the apps you don’t want to run any longer, saving battery and data consumption for the most important priorities in your web life.

There are, therefore, two ways to close apps in iOS 7:

Method 1: Press the home button once to leave an app. This is the traditional way iPhone and iPad users have always closed apps in iOS.

a new way to close apps in iOS 7

Method 2: Double tap the home button to arrive at a list of background-running apps. Then, close apps that you want to, if not all of them. At this point, you may be able to recharge your iPhone or iPad faster if you close all apps that are currently running.

It seems then, that method 2 is what you’re after: you want to close apps that are still active in the background. Method 2 is the way to go, now and in the future.

As an extra piece of advice, you can always select Airplane Mode and automatically disable all apps and processes simultaneously. See the link provided to learn how to use Airplane Mode.

Are there any other questions about iOS 7, whether pertaining to how to close apps or something else? We here at iPadHelp are grateful for your continued support.

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