Changing Your Security Questions in iOS

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// August 15, 2014
Ipad Security

Q: I got a new iPhone recently. I used to get songs on my iPod, so I already had an iCloud account. Now, however, I cannot directly download songs without answering security questions – and I cannot remember my security questions and answers. I need to change them. How do I do this?

Ipad Security

A:  There is a simple way to do this. Just go to, then “manage your Apple ID.” In managing your Apple ID,  you can change your security questions if you’d like, as well as your security answers. For other tips, visit our recent post on how to do this.

Once you reset your security questions, please be sure to save your security information in a safe place so that you and only you can access it. Since you will need this information each time you download an app (whether free or paid), you will need to have frequent access to your security questions and answers. Security questions are as important to access as is your Apple ID.

The best advice I can offer is to do your best to choose security answers that are hard to guess. Most individuals like to use generic security answers, which increases the likelihood that their information will be stolen and their accounts accessed with little barrier. This explains why many security measures today involve “the last name of your best friend.” Businesses have come to the realization that guessing first names is child’s play; anyone can do it, and it usually doesn’t take very long. Think about how many individuals live in the world whose first names are “John,” “Jane,” “Sarah,” “Amy,” “Beth,” and so on.

Do you have any questions about changing your security questions? If so, we here at iPadHelp are always willing to help.