Cannot Update iPhone/iPad Because of Storage Fix

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// June 29, 2015
Cannot Update iPhone or iPad Because of Storage Fix

It feels really bad when you have spent an enormous amount of time and failed to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS update. In most of the cases, a common error which pops up is the not enough storage one. Whenever, you get this error you have once again start from the scratch to download the update. Thus, it becomes extremely important to know how to fix this storage problem before you go on to update your iPhone or iPad.

Cannot Update iPhone or iPad Because of Storage Fix

Since this is not a rocket science problem, you might find these solutions nothing but some general common sense type suggestions that often we forget to remember. However, human beings are volatile and will always be, so let’s have a look what we can do even though we already know most of these.

If you are trying to update iOS 9, then you probably know that it takes around 5GB of space. To be on the safe side, never update your iPhone or iPad if you have only 5GB or close enough to that because if your other apps or somehow anything eats up some storage while you are updating your device, your update might get interrupted for the storage space. It’s always ideal to have around 10GB free space on your iPhone or iPad regardless of update or whatever you do.

Now, if you have already got plenty of Apps installed, then do check your usage status of the Apps to know better which App is eating how much food of your device if you know what it means. You can simply do it by going to the settings>General>Usage>Storage.

Cannot Update iPhone or iPad Because of Storage Fix

As iPhone devices are mostly famous for its speedy functions as well the camera features for photos and videos, no doubt you take plenty of photos and videos every now and then. This means, your device is compromised with a lot of space just for storing some media files. Therefore, it is very important that you keep them in cloud storage available with your iCloud as well as use other third party like Dropbox which is of course free of cost up to a limited space. You can find other free cloud storages which can be used at a premium level for just a few bucks.

On some fixed intervals, try to delete junk files as well as other unnecessary files which can be deleted without a second thought. You can find some cool Apps on Apple App store which can notify you and clean things for you which are not needed for your devices.

If you have followed these suggestions, you won’t face storage problem that much with updating your devices for firmware or software update 9.3. Don’t forget OS update is very sensitive and can cause malfunction to your device if it is not downloaded and installed properly. Hence, always keep sufficient space before you download or update any file for your iPhone/iPad.

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