Cannot send Yahoo mails from iPhone but can receive

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// June 6, 2015
Yahoo Mail Down

After updating to iOS 8.0, some users cannot send or recieve Emails on Yahoo. They would keep entering the right account and password. But the problems still continues. There are many methods in fixing this problem.

Try these following basic troubleshooting in fixingYahoo mail problems.

1) Rebooting iPhone 6 and re-enter Account and Password.


2) If re-entering Yahoo account doesn’t work. Select iPhone Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and DELETE the affect Yahoo Mail account

3) Re-enter your yahoo account with the correct setting. Below is an example of a correct setting for Yahoo Mail. If you’re unsure what to input. Check here: Apple Email Setup Lookup

If the above step didn’t fix your problem, try going on your PC and change the password to the Yahoo account.


Goto iPhone 6 Setting -> Mail, Contacts, Calenders -> Select Fetch New Data and  Turn off “Push” Change Push to Chose To 15 Mintues.

If the above instructions doesn’t fix the yahoo mail can’t send email on iphone, you might want to check this more in dept troubleshooting Email Guide

3 thoughts on “Cannot send Yahoo mails from iPhone but can receive

  1. Banzai says:

    I can receive emails from all my accounts on the Apple email app, and can send from all accounts EXCEPT Yahoo. I’ve sorted through all the “fixes” – deleted the account and readded it, changed the password etc NOTHING WORKS FOR ME. I can send the email if I turn off wifi and turn on cellular data but that is unsat. So I gave up and installed the Yahoo email app and just use that instead.

  2. brian says:

    problem is if you get the new set up wrong you cant get any emails in or out how do you get the correct yahoo settings for in and out ? thanks

  3. IP6 user says:

    Just happened to me….all of a sudden could not send but could receive IP6 (no iOS updates or any changes just happened out of the blue….) Retyped password several times to no avail….Ended up deleting account and setting it back up….easy peasy…

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