Cannot Send or Receive Emails on iPhone: How to Fix

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// May 11, 2015

With all the latest updates to the iOS 8.3, it often happens that the users face troubles with their Email and other network options on their Apple devices. As a matter of fact, some users cannot send or receive emails on their iPhone or other Apple devices where emails can be used. This is a common thing ever since Apple has started updating their firmware/software on the devices. However, you can find some basic solutions here if you cannot get mail or receive emails on iPhone.

No matter what specific issue is causing you the trouble with your email, simply just follow these basic steps first before moving to the next step:

    1. Make sure you are connected to the internet; check it by using your browser.
    2. Check with your email provider if your account is active. Try to log in there to ensure there’s no log in issue.
    3. Check your email account setup on your device and ensure that you have inserted the correct STMP server addresses.(iPhone Port/STMP Setting)
    4. You may now restart your device.
    5. Now, delete the affected email account by Tapping to settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Affected Email Account
    6. Once the account is deleted, add your account again.
    7. Try going to the SMTP settings on the iPhone and turn off SSL(This can fix problems sending Email)


If the above steps didn’t fix the problem, then follow these steps below:

Issue with Receiving-The user name or Password is incorrect.

Cannot SendReceive Emails on iPhone How to Fix

  1. If you cannot get email then check if your password is correctly entered for your email.
  2. In some cases, if you have enabled two-step verification through your email provider, then ask them if you need any other password for your iOS device.
  3. Wrong Incoming Server(pop3) and Port for your Email Setting

Issue with Sending

  1. Now, if you are not being able to send emails due to “Relaying Denied” then make sure your email address is the correct one for the outbox messages or try a different port.
  2. If your email provider connection and your Wi-Fi connection are the same, then try port 25 by going to settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Outgoing Mail server>Primary Server>Server Port>Replace the current port with 25>Done
  3. Most Popular Email STMP/Port setting for GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo
Service ProvidersIncoming Server (imap)Outgoing Server (SMTP)imap PortSMTP Port
Google 587
Port for SSL: 465
Yahoo or 587
iCloud: Mail
Outlook(Mircosoft)imap-mail.outlook.comsmtp-mail.outlook.com993587 or 25 or 25 or 465

Cannot SendReceive Emails on iPhone How to Fix

3. You may try 465 or 587 which are common alternate ports if you are using a different Wi-Fi or cellular connection from the email domain one if your email provider supports it.



4. Try going to the SMTP settings on the iPhone, switch off SSL and re-enter account and password.

Changing DNS Server on iPhone Wifi Setting

If you don’t know your Internet Service Provider’s DNS Servers, you can use Google’s DNS which is free, fast and promise security.


Google DNS is:


Hopefully, if there’s no hardware issue with your Apple device and it simply just has to do with your network or Email provider(“cannot get mail connection to the server failed”) such as yahoo, then your problem with sending or receiving emails should be fixed or check out iPhone Email Setup Guide or iPad Can’t Send Email for more help.

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  1. Tony Kokomo says:

    I Fix my Gmail “Cannot Get Mail” by activating my two step verification. Hope this will fix the problems for other users and Cheer!

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