Camera Not Working on iPhone? Here are some Solutions for This Pesky Issue!

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// January 23, 2016
Camera Not Working on iPhone

If taking selfies or videos, a non-working or malfunctioning camera on the iPhone can be a real nightmare. So, how do you get out of it? Well, some of the camera issues that iPhone users have reported include a black screen or a frozen and laggy one. Switching between the back and front cameras sometimes causes the app to freeze up too. Some camera options such as HDR and flash may also be missing. Here’s what you need to do to tackle the problem head on…

Find the cause of the issue first. It could be software or hardware problem. So, how can you make out the difference? Just start FaceTime or other video chatting apps such as Skype and see if this works. Are you able to make a video call without any issues? Make sure to check both rear and front cameras. If both work well during the video call, then it is definitely a software related problem.

Camera Not Working on iPhone

Another solution is to force the camera app to shut down. Tap the Home button twice quickly. Then find the camera app and swipe it to close it all up. This is known as force quitting the camera app. It has been known to work wonders for a malfunctioning camera app.

Forcing the camera app to close may also work but so could resetting the iPhone. Resetting the iPhone to default settings will return the iPhone to default fabric settings. This can fix the problem and you can try the Camera app to see if the solution has helped in any way.

Another surefire method to deal with the problem is to restart your iPhone. Press the Home and Power/Sleep buttons in one go and wait for the reappearance of the Apple Logo. Personal data will not be impacted by restarting the phone which can be accomplished by releasing both buttons at the same time.

Camera Not Working on iPhone

A good method to cope with such issues is also set up iPhone as new. However, remember that using this method will cause all the data from the device such as songs, videos and contacts to be removed. If you don’t want to lose data, create a backup before rebooting your phone. To reboot the iPhone, all you need to do is erase all content and settings. Once the content is deleted, the Hello screen will pop up or alternatively you may be asked to restore the backup. Go with the first choice.

Your iPhone camera will work really well if you dust it properly and maintain it. This can also cut down on a lot of handwork in the long run. However, sorting out the issues is not so complex after all. So, just relax and say “Cheese”!

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