Are Old Calendar Events or Notes Missing? Try these iPhone Cures!

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// December 29, 2015
Are Old Calendar Events or Notes Missing

If you have just updated firmware on the iPhone 6/iPad and events from your calendar suddenly disappear the minute you enable iCloud, here are the methods to fix the missing notes.

Step 1: The settings for Calendar apps might have been reset when the iDevice was restored, upgraded or reset. This triggers a massive change in the manner calendar events are synced to the stock calendar app. To fix this problem, open settings and scroll down to Calendars. Tap on sync and all events to select it. Exit settings after this and open the Calendars app. Refresh the calendars and watch your problem disappear in seconds.

Step 2: Another way out is to check the sync settings as iPhones automatically eliminate old


Are Old Calendar Events or Notes Missing?

appointments when the Calendar app is synced with either of the two below:
• iCloud
• Calendar sharing service
Sharing the calendar with someone else has also got the potential to create problems and appointments to disappear from your iPhone. To solve this problem, check if someone else with editing permissions to add or delete events has made the changes without your knowledge.

Step 3: If the iPhone has automatically deleted events, then you need to take preventative steps to solve the problem. Troubleshoot to ensure that your iPhone is working properly. This can be a good way out to deal with the problem in an effective way. It also ensures the efficient functioning of your iPhone.

Step 4: Check your editing settings

Are Old Calendar Events or Notes Missing?

This is an important step to ensure the smooth and seamless operation of your phone. Check if the calendar loaded on your iPhone is shared with someone else such as a coworker or family member. This is because the default for the iPhone enables editing. To turn off this unfortunately default setting, you need to take the following steps. Firstly, you need to launch the Calendar app and then select the calendar being shared. After naming the person, you need to tap the Allow Editing Button to turn it off.

All in all, the Calendar app on the Apple iPhone works fairly well provided the iPhone is not overloaded or stuffed to the brim with apps. Often, taking on too many apps causes the memory space in the iPhone to lessen and this can lead to problems. Fortunately, the solutions are there for you to use, too.

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