Apple’s Next Event: What to Expect on September 10th

// September 8, 2013
Apple Sept 10 invitation

Apple finally put out its logo for the September 10th event, which is going to revolve around the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and the newly redesigned iOS 7. The logo, courtesy of CultofMac, has the caption “This should brighten everyone’s day,” most likely referring to iOS7’s new color scheme and redesign (especially because of the colorful circles, which have shown up in the new photos of iOS7.

The brightening of everyone’s day could also refer to the new iPhone 5S’s gold/champagne rumored color, and the rumored iPhone5C’s plastic casing’s new colors.

iPhone 5S colors

These three products all have come with some praise and some critiques. Below are a list of the noteworthy specifications:

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S

Cost (off-contract)$349-399 and up$649 and up
ColorsBlue, White, Green, Pink, Yellow, BlackWhite, Black, Gold/Champagne
FeaturesNo Siri, no processor update, 8GB option, no LTEFingerprint Scanner, better camera, new processor, 128GB option


Many people have offered various critiques to the new products to be announced on September 10th. Some of the more notable critiques are listed below.

iPhone 5C
Apple does not create “cheap” products. Some people believe that Apple is losing its vision and focus by creating an iPhone 5C. The ‘C,’ according to some, stands for cheap or China, two markets that Apple in which does not have a foothold. Part of the allure of Apple is that its products are not available to everyone, so it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 5C affects Apple’s image.

iPhone 5C colors

iPhone 5S
Apple is not innovating in ways that it used to. The Apple 3GS ‘S’ stood for speed, the 4S ‘S’ stood for Siri, but it is curious what the 5S ‘S’ will stand for. Many believe that Apple will go back to speed for the 5S, but that does not really follow Apple’s model of innovation in each product line. Some analysts have different ideas for the new ‘S,’ such as Storage (new 128GB option), Security (Fingerprint Scanning), or even Seven (coming out along side iOS7 and the 7th iteration of the iPhone). It will be interesting if Apple decides to stick with speed again, as it already used that phrase in the 3GS.

iOS7iphone5 ios7
Apple reinvented its operating system with iOS7. Apple is taking a large, albeit calculated, risk with iOS7. Apple’s flagship mobile operating system is undergoing the biggest change since its inception in 2007 with iOS7. The new features are plentiful, but the look and feel of the new iOS is so dramatically different, that people might have a difficult time getting used to it, and that might cause a slower transition than with previous versions. Some of the biggest gripes with iOS7 are the new, flat icons, the ‘colorful’ palette of icons, and the lack of overall improvement to Siri’s functionality.

Overall, Apple is introducing an updated iPhone, which is the norm, but the story this year is really iOS7 and the rumored iPhone 5C. This year’s event on September 10th could pave the way for Apple’s future regarding usability with mobile operating systems and Apple’s desire to get products into a ‘cheaper’ market.

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