Apple Pay: Facts and Review

// October 13, 2014

The Apple Pay inevitable future is happening. Although anticipated, the swiftness with which it is bearing down on us is amazing. No longer will anyone need to carry bills or coins with them. Forget the checkbook, credit and debit cards, and do not concern yourself with the ATM. No longer will it be necessary to protect passwords or search for the right denomination of money or the suitable card.

Security countenance is constructed in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch. Protected, confidential information is stored in the iPhone. A simple gesture completes the transaction with the ingenious antenna on the iPhone. The touch-less reader accepts the payment when you hold your finger on the Touch ID. A slight pulse and a beep send confirmation that the purchase is complete.

The Apple Watch operates on a similar level: press the button next to the Digital Crown twice with the face of the watch near the reader to achieve payment. As with the iPhone, there will be a slight vibration and a tone informing you the payment is completed. The data stored in Passbook for coupons, tickets and other information will now stock credit and debit card numbers, all encrypted and secure. To use the iPhone 6, take a picture of the card with the iSight camera, or type the details into the phone. New cards can be added, but the first one established will be the default card. If you go to Passbook and change the information in Settings, the default card can be changed.

A Device Account Number designated to each consumer is private and stored in a chip in the device used, either the Apple Watch or iPhone. No actual account information is shared with merchants or stored in Apple servers. Each sale transaction is completely private, no numbers are displayed for anyone surrounding the customer or the retailer to see. It is the most unique, private way to protect personal information and accounts. Even if the iPhone is lost or misappropriated the phone can immediately be placed in lost mode by using Find My iPhone. If you prefer, you can simply erase all the information from the phone.


If you wish to examine previous purchases, the details are only available in Passbook. Apple does not keep your purchase facts. There is no reason to inform anyone of your name or card information when you use Apple Pay. Any credit cards that offer remuneration will continue to transmit your benefits. Many credit and debit card companies and banks are already participating with Apple Pay. More than 220,000 stores already accept it. More than one Apple Pay review has been quite favorable. One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about the system is that Apple Pay is only for use in the United States.

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