Your iPhone 6 Applications Keep Crashing? Help is here!

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// January 14, 2016
Your iPhone applications 6 keeps crashing?

You just downloaded an app and it stopped working after updating to the latest iOS 9.3 on iPhone 6? Here are some quick fixes for gaming apps  that won’t load on iPhone 6/iPad Air. App crashes can be fixed by a simple reset but even then, their are times when this won’t work and you need to be more proactive in solving this bug crash. So, read on to learn method to get the app working again.

Methods to Fixing Crashing Apps on iPhone 5, 5c, 6, 6s

#1 Simple iPhone/iPad Reset 

A simple reset is the first trick to try, if apps are not working well. A soft reset clears the memory by destroying the apps and giving a head start. A soft reset is the perfect way to up your ‘happiness quotient. Press home and power buttons together and ensure the screen goes blank. If you keep holding the buttons, the screen will reboot and et voila…your iPhone apps will work just fine.

Your iPhone applications 6 keeps crashing?

#2 Delete Unwanted Apps

There are numerous apps being released each day. Some of them have certain benefits while others have specific utility. This is no excuse for jam packing your iPhone app with dozens of applications which are useless. This will only slow down your iPhone and prevent apps from working well. So, kill those unwanted apps now and watch your device turn into more efficient versions in seconds.



#3 Reinstall Faulty Apps on the new iOS 9.0/9.1/9.2 (some apps need update)

Another way out is to reinstall the malfunctioning app. The logic here is that redoing it will solve it. Resetting can solve the problem too. Reset the entire setting of your iOS device and watch your app related problems disappear in seconds. Old settings or specific apps can also become an obstacle to seamless functioning of your iPhone, so this way out could work out to be a very efficient solution for smoother operations.


#4 Solve Software Issues

Another simple fix is to fix bugs and software issues which may be causing the problem. Powering down the iPhone for a while can also work. As glitches increase in frequency and intensity, apps will stop working properly. So, fix the underlying problems and watch your app related issues disappear.


Your iPhone 6 Applications Keep Crashing#5 Clear the Memory (remove unwanted apps and get more storage)

Clearing the memory will also work wonders for smooth functioning of iPhone apps. Often, these apps keep running in the background and many take up unnecessary memory space, choking the others. This can also cause apps to malfunction. One way out is to double press the home button and close apps running in the background before trying to make an app work. In case there is a storage issue, try to work by removing some of the apps and freeing up space.

Make sure your app does not malfunction using these easy techniques. Once you use these methods, you will get more than satisfactory results. After all, a quick fix for apps will solve all your longstanding problems in seconds.

Sometimes when your Favorited apps like Facebook, Snapchat, spotify, Clash of Clan, and Angry bird just keep crashing, and you cant do anything. To fix this you might have to delete the apps and have to reset the settings.

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