AirPrint on Windows 10: A Definitive Guide

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// March 30, 2016
AirPrint on Windows A Definitive Guide

The Apple iOS has a feature called AirPrint which aims to launch native printing support on the iOS platform. This feature can be located in version iOS 4.2 and/or later device for iPad and iPhone. It has now become possible to AirPrint to any newer model printer linked to a Windows 10 PC including Wi-Fi Network. If you want to print without the AirPrint Method, you’ll need to see does your model of printer have an iOS App.

AirPrint on Windows A Definitive Guide

The first step to take involves enabling network printer sharing for printer linked to the personal computer. In Windows 9, you need to press the start button and select the following option: Devices and Printers.

Windows 10 AirPrinter installations guide
First you’ll need to download the AirPrint Installer 1.3 written by elpamsoft from here. Follow the readme.txt install guide on the downloaded file.

For Windows 9 Install

This is an important step in the entire process. In Windows 9, you need to click on the on the printer icon after setting it as default.

Then you need to check printing preferences and properties. You have the choice of checking the right printer properties. For this, you need to click on the sharing tab and then check the share this printer icon. Following this, you need to click OK. Click on the Sharing tab, check the Share this printer box and then click OK.

AirPrint on Windows A Definitive Guide

Another important set is that if the machine or PC does not have iTunes installation, you will need to install the Bonjour print service which can be downloaded from Apple directly. You can visit the link to know more.

Once Bonjour is installed, ensure the UDP port 5353 is on if there is a firewall in place. The next thing you need to do is install the components of AirPrint.

Here, you have a vast choice of installers yet you can download the ElpamSoft AirPrint installer or AirPrint Installer Mirror. Once this has been done the next step is really quite simple.
Just run the AirPrint installer.exe with admin rights after the downloading and extraction of the file. You need to right click on the file and choose Run as administrator after installing the AirPrint Service button.

The next step is to make sure the Auto set up is there for the Service Startup selection. Following this, the start button has to be clicked. Once the setup is finished, test AirPrint through browser like Safari. Use the bookmark button or in mail with the answer button. Print option is there in pop up menu and selecting the printer and touching it allows authentication of windows account on host system.

If you can’t seem to get AirPrint working, checkout this AirPrint alternative guide.

7 thoughts on “AirPrint on Windows 10: A Definitive Guide

  1. Xatuba says:

    Sadly it is not working in the new iOS 11

    1. ACW says:

      Should be an update on this, with iOS 11 seems to need some kind of secure communication protocol or authorization

  2. Jon Smith says:

    T seems to have issues with anger and paranoia!

  3. Pedro says:

    Guys it works !! I have just printed 15 pages from the goodnotes app and it worked just fine ! I just wasn’t able to enable the “fast printing configuration” on the iPad, neither on my pc. Maybe it’s just my printer driver that doesn’t allow me to do it.

    I printed from an iPad Air 2 runnig iOS 10 and used a PC runnig Windows 10. I printed using the basic drivers that are automatically installed when u plug in something.

  4. T says:

    This is total BS. This app does not work, and for sure it does work on Windows 10. Who knows what malware might contain. Don’t trust

  5. Owen says:

    Hi Bax, I don’t know your printer but I would have thought this is possible. Connect the printer to your network (wireless router), then you should be able to AirPrint

  6. Bax says:

    I have an Iphone 6 with an iPad. I want to know, can I start printing receipts for customers at my store? I had purchased a Brother printer which has wireless and airprint all the newest features. The Problem i Have is that, if I connect straight to the printer via wireless I also lose my WiFi connection. I wonder do this have a fix?

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