Airplay for Mirroring Not Working on iPad? How to Fix it!

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// January 19, 2016
Airplay for Mirroring Not Working?

Apple TV may have become an integral part of life, but if your AirPlay mirror stops working on iPad or iPhone, you can have a terrible time. So, how to troubleshoot to ensure that your AirPlay Mirror works? There are several steps you can take to counter the issues. Here they are…

# Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the Apple TV is powered on properly. If Apple TV is not powering properly, this could be the most obvious reason for the malfunction. AirPlay mirror is critical for Apple TV and vice versa. It works both ways.

Airplay for Mirroring Not Working?

# Step 2: Your Apple and iOS devices should be on the similar wavelength excluding which problems will obviously arise. Remember that you need to have the iOS devices and Apple TV on the same Wi-Fi network. On your Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, there needs to be a general checkup wherein you check the settings and go to Wi-Fi. To ensure there is concordance with the Apple TV settings, go to the General category and try networks after that. You will be able to access the Wi-Fi quite easily to see if there is congruence between your iPhone or iPad and Mac Apple TV.

# Step 3: Use the latest software on your iPad or iPhone and Apple TV. Otherwise, the Airplay Mirror will fail. If peer to peer AirPlay Mirror is being used over devices, the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network need not be the same. Peer to peer Airplay is only possible if the iOS is enabled by the most up to date firmware. Also ensure that your Apple TV belongs to the third or fourth generation.

Airplay for Mirroring Not Working?

#Step 4: Another good way to get the AirPlay mirror to start working is to restart either the Apple TV or the device in question (iPhone or iPad). If you cannot see the Airplay on the Control Centre of the iPhone, you need to restart your iPhone or iPad and Apple TV both. This can solve the problem quite easily. If Ethernet is being used on Apple TV, check the router which is being employed for the Wi-Fi. If you cannot see the device which you want to stream to, you need to check if the device you require to stream is connected to a power source that functions. AirPlay needs to be turned on in Apple TV otherwise it will no function. Both devices should be well connected if there is no peer to peer Airplay.

Generally, connecting and reconnecting the iPhone or iPad and Apple TV can work its magic. Even restarting the devices works like a charm. If all else fails, it is time to get your device to the Apple Store.

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