iPhone Charges too Slowly? Here’s the Quick Fixes

// January 5, 2016
iPhone Charges too Slowly? Here’s the Quick Fixes

The iPhone 6 battery could develop slow charging issues when you have used the iPhone 6 over an extended time period . If your iPhone is charging at a slow pace and you want to keep up with the competition, these tips will help to do exactly that.

#1 Try a 12W charger for your iPhone

iPhone Charges too Slowly? Here’s the Quick Fixes

The 5V, 1A charger ships with the iPhones typically. But its wattage leaves much to be desired. If you use the charger for iPad which has a 10-12 W range, your iPhone will charge faster and better. This will not harm the iPhone in any way. It will only ensure that your Apple device charges really quickly.

#2 Use the Airplane Mode

While charging the iPhone, switch to Airplane Mode so that you cannot make calls or use the Wi-Fi. This complete radio blackout has one unbeatable advantage- the battery charges at a much faster rate as a result of switching to Airplane Mode. In the Airplane Mode, iPhones charges much faster. So, if your iPhone is running out of juice and you are in a hurry, try this method and get quick results.

#3 Charge the iPhone after switching it off

iPhone Charges too Slowly? Here’s the Quick Fixes

If you switch off your iPhone while it is being charged, the rate at which the charging will take place increases rapidly. The reason for this is quite simple. When you switch off the iPhone, all continuing functions also cease to operate. Otherwise these functions will consume the battery if the iPhone is switched on. This expedites the charging of the battery as well.

#5 Power Cycling helps

If you power cycle your iPhone, it will work wonders for the battery and also lead to faster charging. Power cycle is essentially a term which refers to letting the iPhone charge out completely and then charging it to the complete capacity i.e. 100%. Remember that when it is being charged, the iPhone should never be in use otherwise the battery gets adversely impacted.

#6 Another good way to speed up the charging process for your iPhone is to use the wall charger and not the USB port. The iPhone will charge at a much faster rate if it is plugged directly to the wall’s jack, not via a USB port. This particular method of speeding up charging comes from none other than Apple.

#7 Speed up USB charging

iPhone Charges too Slowly? Here’s the Quick Fixes

Another quick method to ensure the iPhone charges faster is remove the USB devices connected to the same source as your iPhone. The computer should not enter into hibernation or sleep mode at the time of charging.

These surefire methods to speed up your iPhone’s pace of charging are recommended, but do remember that you also need to maintain the device in good condition for it to charge and function well, too. An Apple iPhone that is looked after will yield rich dividends when it comes to quality during usage.

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