Why jailbreak an iPad? Things to consider

iPad Jailbreak
// April 18, 2012

Why would you want to jailbreak your iPad?

Well, jailbreaking simply enables the user to install tweaks (modifications), apps and themes that’s not subject to Apple’s approval process.

When an iPad is jailbroken, it will have an application called Cydia. Cydia is where you install your jailbreak packages. It’s similar to Apple’s App Store, but it primarily contains tweaks, themes and a limited number of apps.

The best reason for jailbreaking your iPad is without a doubt because of the tweaks available in Cydia. Tweaks can modify how your iPad functions. For instance, you can install a tweak to password protect individual apps and folders, add lyrics to music, add a fifth row to your keyboard, add more functions to your email and much more. Tweaks also allow you to add cool effects to your home screen, apps, dock, etc. Here is an article with several of the best Cydia tweaks for iPad.

Jailbreaking also lets you customize your iPad using themes, along with changing things like fonts, the status bar, lock screen and you can even change the logo when the iPad boots up.

You will find very few apps available in Cydia. Which makes sense because Apple’s App store is a much better place for a developer to sell their apps. That way every iPad user has access to the app, not just jailbroken iPads.

Why NOT to jailbreak your iPad?

If the main reason you want to jailbreak is to get paid apps for free, then you should probably not jailbreak your device. While it’s not illegal to jailbreak your iPad, piracy is illegal. Installing paid apps without paying for them is no different from downloading illegal music or movies. With so many free and inexpensive apps in Apple’s App Store it just doesn’t make sense to participate in piracy.

Jailbreaking can void your warranty. It’s true that the jailbreak can be removed by restoring the device in iTunes, but if your iPad is still under warranty you should consider that your iPad may not be covered if you jailbreak your device.

How do I jailbreak?

It’s going to depend on which iPad and software you have. Most jailbreaks are installed with a jailbreak tool that you can download on your Mac or PC. You can find jailbreak tutorials in our jailbreak section.

Whenever Apple releases new software it can take hackers up to several months before they release a jailbreak tool to the public. Any time you update to the new software in iTunes, you will lose your jailbreak. That means if you wish for your iPad to remain jailbroken, you do not want to update your software until a new jailbreak tool is released.


Jailbreaking provides people with a method of installing packages that are not subject to Apple’s approval process. There’s plenty of modifications and customization that can be accomplished once the device is jailbroken.

You should consider it is Apple’s policy that jailbreaking your device voids your warranty and it can take some time and effort jailbreaking your device.

iPad Jailbreak

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