The new iPad 3 has been jailbroken on the first day

iPad Jailbreak
// March 16, 2012

Jailbreakers have wasted no time coming up with a way to jailbreak the new iPad 3. First, iPhone Dev-team member MuscleNerd announced this morning via Twitter that he was able to jailbreak the iPad 3 but he also stated “still lots of work to do! No ETA!”

Now, I0n1c has announced that he has successfully performed an untethered jailbreak on the new iPad 3. I0n1c is the same hacker who released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1.

MuscleNerd was the first to post that he successfully jailbroke the new iPad but he did not say wether the jailbreak was untethered.

I0n1c has not specified an ETA either but it seems as though hackers are having little trouble jailbreaking the new iPad. When a jailbreak is released, it will likely also work with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.

Here is a video demonstration of the untethered jailbreak by I0n1c.

We will keep you posted on further developments.

Update: The new iPad 3 was jailbroken a 3rd time (each using different exploits). Jailbreak developers Chpwn (Grant Paul) and Phoenixdev (Paul Griffin) have also revealed that they were able to jailbreak the new iPad on the first day.

Jailbroken iPad (3), using a different method by myself and @phoenixdev:

There have been other iOS devices that were jailbroken on the first day it went on sale but this is a record 3 times, all of them using different exploits.

iPad Jailbreak

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