Multitasking on the iPad

iPad Jailbreak
// June 18, 2010

Until Apple releases iOS 4 for the iPad, you can multi-task using Backgrounder and Circuitous on your jailbroken iPad.
Backgrounder does just as the name implies, it allows you to run programs in the background.
Circuitous allows you to see everything that is running in the background. Circuitous is similar to the Multiflow app but Circuitous works better with the iPad.
Both of the apps are avaible on Cydia for free. There are two versions of Backgrounder on Cydia, you want the one the does not have (2.x only!) next to it.

If you have not yet jailbroken your device and have iTunes 9.2 installed already, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JAILBREAK. Your device will go into an infinite boot loop.

Those of you that already have your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Jailbroken with Spirit can safely download iTunes 9.2 and sync your device.

iPad Jailbreak

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