iPhone Won’t Turn On How To Fix It?

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// November 3, 2015
iPhone Won’t Turn On How To Fix It

An unresponsive iPhone is a situation probably every iPhone user has experienced at some point. It may be rare for some users but a more often occurrence for others. A valid question to ask yourself at this point is, what on earth can you do to get your iPhone working again because let’s face it, these days no  person can go without checking their iPhone 6 after every while.

Luckily we’ve an instant solution which will help you fix this issue in no time. It may just be that your low power battery has run down or iOS has crashed due to which you’ve come across this situation.

iPhone Won’t Turn On How To Fix It

Alright so let’s jump right into the solution for this problem, the first step you must do is to not panic, as this problem is actually a very minor one that you might face quite often. The first option you should pick is to try charging your phone as your iPhone might have just run out of battery usage. So plugging your phone into a charger for 10-15 mins and then trying to switch on your phone may solve the problem completely. But if your iPhone is playing hard to get, then the next option might save the day.

iPhone Won’t Turn On Solution #2

The next solution that you can try out is widely known as hard reset or power cycling. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is hold down the home button and the power button at the same time for about 15-20 seconds, by this time the apple logo should appear on the screen after which you can let go off the buttons. Once that’s done, give your iPhone some time to reboot and then you should be able to see the lock screen. This is just like removing your battery but as an iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery, you need to cut all power by hard resetting.

iPhone Won’t Turn On How To Fix It

iPhone Wont Turn On Fix #3

The last important step is restoring your iPhone. If you’ve been proactive with your phone and kept backing up every now and then, this should be of no worry. You’ll get a pop up message which will say that there’s a problem and you need to restore or update your iPhone, when you open up iTunes. You will be presented with an option to restore your phone, click that button and wait for the process to complete; it may take 15-20 mins as the latest version of iOS will have to be downloaded as well.

After this method, your iPhone should be operating again, and you can now restore a backup to get all of your apps and settings back.


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    Det er lykkes for mig flere gange at slttee billeder men kun dem jeg IKKE har lagt ud pe5 bloggen, det har givet mig lidt mere plads 🙂

  2. stephen says:

    hi my ipad goes to the battery and then goes to the apple logo how can i fix it

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