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iPad Jailbreak
// May 17, 2011

On March 13th, only two days after the iPad 2 was released, @comex demonstrated in a video that he had jailbroken an iPad 2. The exploit found by comex was quickly fixed by Apple and there was not a public release of the jailbreak. That’s because Comex’s iPad 2 jailbreak couldn’t be redistributed without also including Apple code, which is not allowed due to legal reasons.

iPad2 update:The iPad2 jailbreak remains under development.  As you may know, the original exploit @comex developed in the first week of the iPad 2 release was mysteriously fixed by Apple within days of its development.  Partly because of this, don’t expect much public discussion of the iPad2 jailbreak until it’s actually finished and ready for release (and please avoid asking about it).  In all liklihood, it will be a userland exploit like the first (unreleased) one, not dependent on bootrom dumps.  The first one can’t be released even for those with the original 4.3 firmware due to legal (distribution) reasons.

From: blog.iphone-dev.org

@p0sixninja (Joshua Hill) has stated that he is working on the iPad 2 jailbreak and on April 30th he challenged GeoHot (George Hotz) into seeing who could dump the iPad 2 first.

A few days ago, in a video interview on Vokle, p0sixninja mentioned a possible iPad 2 jailbreak release within the next couple of weeks. While this may be just a guesstimate, it indicates that p0sixninja believes there is progress being made with the iPad 2 jailbreak.

However, @MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev Team member) was quick to point out that it could very well still be months before a public release of the iPad 2 jailbreak.

The truth is we do not know when the iPad 2 jailbreak will be released. We know that there are some talented developers working on the iPad 2 jailbreak and you will know about it here (along with a tutorial), as soon as it’s released.

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