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iPad Jailbreak
// March 4, 2014

Question: I really need help! Earlier today, I tried to jailbreak my iPod Touch 4th Gen with P0sixspwn. I’m running iOS 6.1.5. I think the jailbreak failed. When I was in the process of jailbreaking, it kept rebooting over and over again. This went on for over 10 minutes before I finally had enough and tried to reset the device and erase all content. When the set up screen came up, I selected my country and language first. After I got that done, it skipped the step where I am supposed to connect to Wi-Fi and went straight to the “Create or sign in with Apple ID” step. Since I couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi, I had to skip this step, so I clicked “skip this step” at the bottom. When I did that, the screen spasmed rapidly for about a second, then went to the Location Services step. I turned on location services, then went to the diagnostics and usage step. After that, I was on the homescreen. When I went to settings to turn on the Wi-Fi, I couldn’t. I couldn’t toggle the Wi-Fi on. Also, even after the reset, it still wanted to keep rebooting. I need help. Is there anything I can do to make it work right again? iPod Touch 4th Gen., iOS 6.1.5

A: It seems as if the jailbreak P0sixspwn that you used may have been buggy and an all-around terrible experience for your device. Jailbreaking is a fun experience, but you have to download a credible jailbreak program in order to experience the fun. P0sixspwn isn’t a particularly well-known jailbreak program, nor is it a popular one – so, I have to be honest with you: this is likely not a jailbreak program worth using in the future. I would recommend programs such as redsn0w, absinthe, greenpoison, or even something like the Evasi0n jailbreak for iDevices running iOS 7. Since you’re running iOS 6, however, I would suggest you refer to Absinthe or Redsn0w for an excellent jailbreak experience.

At the same time, you’re not alone with the P0sixspwn jailbreak; another individual has experienced the same trouble with his iOS 6 jailbreak using the same program you’ve used, and it’s likely that iH8snow, one of the jailbreak veterans, has not eliminated all the bugs in the software. It’s only been out for 8 weeks, so it still needs some tweaking, I think.

Did you know that the P0sixspwn jailbreak is a tethered jailbreak that requires downloading the P0xisxpwn file from Cydia? It seems as if the tethered jailbreak did not work for you, which then caused you to turn impatient and attempt to restore the device.

You say that you tried to “erase all content,” but did you attempt to restore the device via your settings menu on your iPod Touch desktop? If so, you made a mistake here for two reasons: first, you did not erase all settings, so it’s likely that your Wi-Fi trouble resulted because the settings were still tied to the jailbreak. This may be a case where the P0xisxpwn jailbreak messed up your Wi-Fi settings. Next, you chose to erase all content from the iPod Touch settings, but you need iTunes to restore your device. If you decide to reset the iPod Touch within your iPod settings, it will likely render the device unusable – though temporarily so. I’ve experienced an issue similar to this where the “erase all content and settings” selection caused a spinning circle on my device that wouldn’t go away until I did a factory reset.

What I Recommend for Your P0sixspwn Jailbreak Problems

To get your iPod Touch back to working order, I recommend that you cut off the device. When it reboots back to a normal screen, I suggest that you press the power button and slide the red slider at the top of your iPod Touch where it says “slide to turn off.” At this point, let the screen go black completely, then press the home button until you see a USB cable and the iTunes logo (blue and black) appear on the black screen. When you do, hold down the home button and connect the USB cable to your iPod Touch while holding down the home button. At this point, you need to connect the USB cable to your computer and select the iTunes logo on your Mac or Windows desktop in order to activate iTunes. iTunes will then detect that your iPod is in recovery mode and will help you navigate the steps to restore it.

Keep in mind that you can only reset your iPod Touch 4th-gen with iTunes after you jailbreak the device. In your case, the P0sixspwn jailbreak starts as a tethered jailbreak, so you would still need to have your iPod Touch connected to a computer in order to experience it. The “erase content” and “erase content and settings” options in your iPad settings menu are for devices that are not jailbroken that are experiencing problems.

Have you tried to jailbreak your iOS 6.1.x device with the P0sixspwn jailbreak and are experiencing problems? Write in and let us know. We’ll guide you through the problem and get you to the solution.

iPad Jailbreak

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