How To Modify iPad Themes

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// January 15, 2011

One thing that seems to be in short supply in the Cydia Store is good themes for the iPad. There’s a few, but so far the choices are limited.

Themes can change several different things on your device such as, changing icons for apps, replacing the slider, wallpaper, sounds and more.

If you find one that has most of the things you like, some changes can be made by modifying the theme’s files.

Here is how to access the files on your iPad from a Mac and Windows.

Once you have access to the files on your iPad, it’s fairly simple to modify themes.

Here is a example of a theme and a simple modification. The theme is called ModFire and it’s available for the iPad in the Cydia Store.

The change that I’m making here is with the falling heart images, I’m simply going to replace them with some Apple logos.

Here is the path where the images are located.


Here’s the original images.

Here’s the modified images.

The before

and after.

The changes are updated after the iPad resprings or restarts.

As you can tell, alot of things can done by replacing existing images, sounds, etc. The images will need to have a transparent background, which can be done Gimp or Photoshop. You can also find images online that already have a transparent background.

Here are the four I used.

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