How to downgrade iPad 2 & iPad 3 software using Redsn0w

iPad Jailbreak
// May 11, 2012

This tutorial explains how to downgrade iOS 5.1 or iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 5.0.1. This will work for all iOS devices including A5 devices such as, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. However, there is one requirement for you to be able to downgrade your device, your SHSH blobs must have been saved.

If you have jailbroken the device at the firmware you wish to restore it to, then Cydia should have automatically saved them for you. You can also downgrade your firmware if you saved them using TinyUmbrella or another program.

If you have your SHSH blobs or think Cydia may have saved them for you, then proceed with the tutorial.

    1. Download the compatible version Redsn0w for your operating system.
    2. Download both iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.1.1 firmware from here. Make sure you download the firmware for your device. They will take 10-20 minutes each to download.
    3. After the files have downloaded, you can move them both to the Redsn0w folder.
    4. Plug your iPad into your computer (close iTunes if it opens.)
    5. Double click on the Redsn0w icon to open it.
    6. Click on Even More, then Restore.


    1. Click on IPSW, then locate the iOS 5.0.1 firmware you downloaded and click Open.
    2. You will then be asked to locate iOS 5.1.1. Again, locate the file and click Open.


    1. Redsn0w should send your device into Recovery Mode.

    1. Now you need to locate your SHSH blobs. If you have previously jailbroke the device, click on Remote and the blobs will be fetched for you. You can also click on Local, if you have the blobs stored on your computer.
    2. Once your blobs are detected you should see a screen like this and your iPad will start installing the new firmware.

Restore Redsn0w

    1. After the process is complete you will get a Restore Successful message.

Restore Successful

Your device should now be at iOS 5.0.1. Currently, Redsn0w doesn’t support jailbreaking the iPad 2, that’s why I recommend using Greenpois0n. Here are jailbreak tutorials for Mac and Windows.

iOS 9.0+ Downgrade Tutorial

iPad Jailbreak

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