Wireless Airplay Mirroring with iPad 2 and Apple TV

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// June 13, 2011

Wireless AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2 is among the many new features that will come with iOS 5 this fall.

The new feature lets iPad 2 users wirelessly display everything on the screen through your Apple TV 2 to a HDTV. This will only work with a iPad 2 running iOS 5 and a Apple TV with iOS 5 (4.4).

To turn on Airplay Mirroring you double tap the home button to display the multitasking bar, select Apple TV and turn on Mirroring.

Airplay Mirroring will let you display not only photos, videos and websites but also video games.

We have been testing wireless Airplay Mirroring and while it’s fast and response, there is a small enough of a delay that causes a problem with some games. We have been comparing wireless Airplay Mirroring with mirroring from Apple’s Digital AV adapter. As you would expect, the image quality is much better with the wired AV adapter (1080p) and there is no delay at all with the wired adapter.

Currently, wireless Airplay Mirroring seems to be more suitable for photos or presentations, then gaming. This will likely change as more iOS devices include wireless Airplay Mirroring and Apple will continues to improve the experience.

At some point Apple TV will effectively include apps and gaming, then it may become more than a hobby.

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